Domestic Home Based Franchises

Like cleaning your home? A real stickler for clean counters and clearing up your home office?

A fastidious cleaning habit could earn you an tidy income running a home based domestic or commercial cleaning franchise.

Rather than doing the cleaning yourself, owning a home based franchises based around domestic services normally means that you will be in charge of organising a team of cleaners who do the work for you.

A fastidious cleaning habit could earn you an tidy income running a home based domestic or commercial cleaning franchise.

The domestic services industry is huge in the UK. Statistics from CINTO (the Cleaning Industry National Training Organisation) show that it employs approximately 820,000 people and is worth in the region of £10 billion.

So, do you see yourself commanding your team to provide your clients with the cleanest houses around? Let's find out!


  • Running a domestic service is easily done from your house; just a small home office area is needed to stay organised.
  • Private houses and commercial spaces will always need cleaning; it’s a relatively stable industry
  • Cleaning is accessible to many different people so you should have no problems recruiting employees to your business.


  • As the cleaning industry is so popular there is a lot of competition. You will really have to advertise and market yourself to get your clients. 
  • The logistics of organising a large group of cleaners can be hard work.


What Skills Do You Need?  

If you can clean your own home then you have the skills needed to ensure your own employees do a perfect job of cleaning other peoples’ houses. 

If you are going into commercial cleaning then you and your staff will need training on the specific equipment needed for this: floor buffers, carpet cleaners etc. 

Away from the cleaning side of your franchise you will also need a solid grounding in basic business skills to ensure you keep on top of everything. Check with the franchisor whether they offer training in this area when you join them.

Are You Suitable?

To run a domestic services franchise you need to have good people skills. You will be managing a team of cleaners who will rely on your support, and you will also be regularly liaising with your clients to ensure their needs are being met.

You also need great organisational skills to be able to keep your business running smoothly.

Approximate Level Of Investment

Up to £15,000

If you think you have what it takes to motivate an eager cleaning team then maybe it's time to think about starting up a franchise!

And if you're already dead keen to buy your own home based franchise, take a look at our businesses for sale.



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