De-Stress Your Home Working Life

As a home business start up you might not have an angry boss breathing down your neck, but the world of home working is not without its stresses.

Aside from cracking open a bottle of red at the end of a long day (don’t pretend you never do that!) what else can frantic freelancers and over-active home business entrepreneurs do to relax and recharge their batteries?

We asked Acupuncturist Kate Winstanley to share her expertise with us on how to de-stress your own home working life.

So you might not have an angry boss breathing down your neck, but the world of home working is not without its stresses.

Back Massage

Kate says ‘I use a technique called cupping which works fantastically well for neck/shoulder/back tension. Instead of the traditional massage which uses pressure to break up tension, cupping uses suction. The cups are attached to the skin using a vacuum and moved gently around on lightly oiled skin.

This is a very relaxing and extremely effective technique. It draws toxins out, reinvigorates the circulation, drains the lymphatic system and breaks up all those painful knots. My clients swear by it to 'lift' the tension out of them and leave them feeling lighter and looser.’

Sounds heavenly to us knotted-up iHubbubers!

Stress Management

Stressed? Us? Never...oh, ok then - maybe all the home business paperwork, the cluttered home office desk, the temperamental phone that never stops ringing and the endless client visits are producing just a teeny tiny bit of tension! What can we do about it?

Kate continues ‘This is certainly the underlying reason that most of my clients come to me. Acupuncture is now scientifically proven to reduce stress. When we are stressed our bodies release the 'fight or flight' hormone into the blood.

Research including MRI scans show that acupuncture significantly reduces levels of this hormone and calms the central nervous system. I also quite often tape a small seed to my client's ear as this will activate an acupuncture point well known to calm the central nervous system. It is a great self-help option.’


‘Again, I see so many people with sleep problems. The main reason is that people go to bed 'wired' from too much stimulation - laptop, phones, TV, email, social media, news etc. - all cause adrenalin in the body which stops us sleeping. From an acupuncture point of view this depletes our kidney energy which is vital for a good night's sleep.

So I always advise no electronics one hour before bed. And again, that magic acupuncture point behind the ear encourages sleeps, so I tell my clients to press it when they're trying to nod off. I have clients who call it their 'off button' it's so effective!’

Thanks Kate, that's made us feel more relaxed already!

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