Comfy Home Office Seating

The team here at iHubbub are always on at each other to sit correctly at their home business desks; backs well supported, feet on the floor and computer screen at the right height - no slouching allowed!

Saying that, we also know that it's not good for our members to spend all their time sitting in one place, however hard they have to slave over their start-up business plans...that's why we think that no home office is complete without some alternative seating.

We all know how easy it is to hit a rut when you're working non-stop on your freelance business; somedays you stare and stare at your screen, but the ideas just won't come.

A change of scene is always a good way to kick-start your imagination - and settling into a new place with a notepad and a mug of hot chocolate (yum) is just the thing for fresh inspiration.

Here are four of our favourites ... please do tell us about yours.

The team here at iHubbub are always on at each other to sit correctly at their home business desks;


Brown Faux Leather Armchair

This brown faux leather armchair is perfect for your home office, and is available in the iHubbub shop


A classic - whose office wouldn't look stylish with one of these standing elegantly over by the window?

Picture the scene - a crisp winter's morning, frost shimmering over the plants in the garden, and you're sat in your leather armchair, a warm woollen blanket over your legs.

There's a cup of freshly brewed coffee on the table next to you, and you're scribbling away, your brain buzzing with fab ideas for your next marketing campaign. Nice image isn't it?

Available from the iHubbub shop here.


IKEA Pello Cantilever Relax Chair

The IKEA Pello chair is perfect for relaxing into, as well as entertaining home business clients

This chair is perfect for your home office for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, we've tried it out and as the name suggests, you really can relax into it (particularly if you get a footstool to go with it - aaah, get those home working feet up!).

Secondly, whilst it is ideal as a comfy extra chair,  if you have often meetings with your home business clients then you also need something with a professional vibe about it.  This chair fits both requirements, and won't wipe out your home office makeover budget either! And by the way you may want to win a new home office!

Take a look at it in our shop here


 Grey Chenille Queen Anne Design Chair

This Queen Anne style chair will bring warmth and style to your home office



Wow - how comfy does that cushion look? There is a risk here that sitting down might just encourage you to nod off instead of doing any work, but there's nothing wrong with a power nap every now and again!

Again, with this one you have it all - not just the feel of that gorgeous chenille material that covers it, but the Queen Anne style will bring elegance to any home office.

Ok, we admit it may not be everyone's cuppa tea, so take a look around our shop and you may just wanna choose this one anyway. Find it in our shop here.



Icon Large Faux Fur Beanbag

A reward for working hard on your home business; have some time out on a comfy beanbag


All right - it's not strictly a chair, and perhaps your clients wouldn't take too kindly to having to collapse on to it when they come to see you - but if you're still a big kid at heart, wouldn't you just love it in your office?!  

Look at it:warm, cosy and SO comfortable - just perfect for a brainstorming session, a break from your hard graft, or some well-deserved fun at the end of a long day.

And it's ideal for giving your faithful home working pet a good rough-and-tumble.

It's available here. Go on, you know you want to!


Want to revamp your work space? Have a look at our Home Office Makeover features.

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