Choosing Business Fonts

Let's go back to basics and look at how home business start-ups should choose the right fonts for their website. And indeed their brand!

Be sure to use easy to read fonts that all browsers can see and read. Once you have decided what they will be, stick to them rigorously and don’t deviate from them when you start your new small home based business.

how home business start-ups should choose the right fonts for their website

Stick to certain fonts to ensure legibility on your website. Font experts believe that it is safest sticking to the following font families:

Sans-Serif Fonts

  • Arial
  • Helvetica
  • Tahoma
  • Verdana

Serif Fonts

  • Century Schoolbook
  • Georgia
  • Liberation Serif
  • Times New Roman

Remember that many fonts have their copyrights owned by the operating system (Microsoft, Apple etc).

So ask your developer to build using these lists of fonts to ensure a viewer will see the site in a close alternative, if they do not have the specified font on their system.

It's often recommended to choose from the Verdana or Arial lists, as they are the only two sans-serif fonts distributed with Windows, Apple and Linux systems.

More information on installed fonts can be found here:

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Paula Wynne is the author of 'Create A Successful Website' and Pimp My Site.

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