Can A Rented Address Boost Your Home Business Profile?

Do you need to rent an office to run your business from home?

Everybody knows that when buying or renting residential property the three most important factors are location, location and location. Houses can be developed, decorated and extended over time but if it is located in the wrong place there is nothing you can do about it.

Guest Writer Sarah Atkinson tells us why this also applies to your home business address.

Where Are You?

The physical location of any building is very important and not just in the residential market. In the commercial and corporate sense it is equally as crucial. For retail businesses this is fairly obvious. The better the location of your shop, the higher the footfall and the more business you can do.

That’s why it is the goal of every retailer to have a presence on the high street. But what about businesses and companies who don’t sell directly to the public? Is the location of their business as important?

The answer is still an overwhelming yes. Office spaces need to be convenient for staff to get to. That’s why offices close to transport links or with large car parks can rent out for more. Even manufacturing businesses need to be close to road, rail or shipping services for ease of transport. Which is why industry grew up along canals and railway lines.

Okay, so we're cheating a bit here with this image below! But the thought of railway stations and large car parks simply made iHubbub's editor go ape and she wanted to go and work virtually on the beach ...

do you need a rented office to run your business from home?

Create The Right Impression

However, whatever kind of business you are, having an address in the right place can boost your profile. As a small start up or growing home business, you may not be able to afford an office in the CBD of a major city. Office space in central London and other cities comes at a hefty premium.

But there is a way to still enjoy the prestige of a downtown address without the necessary financial commitment. By renting a business address, or even utilising serviced or virtual office facilities, you can have all the advantages of a CBD address without the associated cost.

Having a prominent address creates the right impression. Customers are more likely to be aware of your brand and take your company seriously if you have an address that they recognise as being prominent in the field of business.

These can differ depending on the industry. For example, any medical service with a Harley Street address is automatically assumed to be legitimate and serious because of the association that the name has with the medical profession. Likewise, if you want to buy a guitar in London, you go to Denmark Street, or Tin Pan Alley, as it is also known.

The links we make in our head between an address and what happens there can be very powerful. That’s why the major US banks all gather on Wall Street. Thanks to today’s new technology, there is no real physical reason for them to locate there. But the ties of history, association and commerce to geography are very strong.

Make Your Address Work For You

So, whether you’re based in the suburbs, in a satellite town or even in a home office, it can still be of great benefit to your company to have a more formal and recognisable business address. An address or answering service in the form of a virtual office can further bolster this good impression, letting your customers and clients know that you are a serious operation.

Think about what your location is saying about you. And if your address needs to work harder then why not rent a better one?

Sarah Atkinson is a marketer within the commercial property industry and works closely with serviced office providers Easy Offices.

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