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iHubbub's PR and Public Relations resources will show you how to write a Press Release, with Press Release Templates and examples and it will guide you with Press Release submission.

Did you know iHubbub showcases members' Press Releases along with Members' Photos? Find out more about writing your press release.

We want to bring you as many PR resources as possible so keep watching this page. And do please let us know if you spot something we have missed below.

iHubbub's PR and Public Relations resources will show you how to write a Press Release, with Press Release Templates and examples and it will guide you with Press Release submission.


Post Your Press Releases

You can add your offline or online networking group to iHubbub through our Home Business Directory or through our Business Networking.

Submit your press releases through  SourceWire News Distribution and get a free online newsroom.

Press Release Resources

Web owners should send out regular press releases to the media. You can learn to become an ace PR and Public Relations Ambassador to promote your website, publicize your website, special interest or small business to gain media attention and PR for your website.

This set of articles will help guide you with a Press Release example template and show you the necessary steps to prepare your press release.

Before we get started on writing your press release, take a few minutes or more to think about what you want to achieve.

Here are some things to consider with this Press Release preparation checklist, when you start up your own home business. All of this can be found in our Business Publicity Library.

Home Business Publicity And PR Links

As a new start-up entrepreneur running your own home based business with a sizzling hot start-up business plan tucked under your arm, you'll be up early every day to promote your online business so you can get publicity for your home business product. Find out how iHubbub can help you get media attention and press coverage in our Business Publicity Library.

Wait! It doesn't end there ...

Home Business Marketing

Once you've started up your new business and you're rearing to go out there and get new clients, you may suddenly pull back on your home working heels and cry 'How do I market my business?' Before you tear your hair out, browse through on list of Business Marketing articles that will help you marketing your start up business.

Teach Yourself PR

When you start developing a publicity plan so you can generate publicity for your business you may need to learn a few publicity tips.

DWPub  has several whitepapers which help new PRs to get publicity for their new home business.

The DWPub PR White Papers cover a wide variety of topics such as:

  • Social media in PR
  • How to deal with journalists and social media
  • PR for small businesses
  • Get your PR into action online
  • How to work with journalists
  • Public Relations versus search marketing
  • Hww to respond to enquiries from journalists
  • How to start blogging for PR professionals
  • Getting publicity and PR coverag
  • And my personal favourite - how to charm commissioninng editors

Take time out to learn about getting PR for your business, it's easy and hugely satisfying when a journalist rings up and says they want to write about you. Or if they publish a story without you even knowing.

And make sure you add this to your very own online press room with a special page on News Coverage, because, after all, you are going to be getting loads of media attention after reading these white paper and learning so much about generating PR and publicity for your business!

Whoo, how exciting!

Media Alerts

Find our more about how you can get yourself featured in the media through media requests.

Media Requests from journalists and editors bring media pre-publication enquiries right to your door with requests from the media, journalists and editors who want to find specific information. It gives you the chance to provide material for their story. Each enquiry is a potential media coverage lead, so the service is a great way to generate publicity and raise the profile of your organisation.

ResponseSource Enquiry Service from DWPub is a media service that delivers pre-publication enquiries from journalists who are researching features to PRs across all sectors. This gives you the chance to provide material for the story. Each enquiry is a potential media coverage lead, so the service is a great way to generate publicity and raise the profile of your organisation.

How To Get Media Requests?

ResponseSource Enquiry Service from DWPub gives journalists, broadcasters and bloggers fast access to reliable stories and information. They provide regular leads for PRs, businesses, charities and other organisations that want media coverage.

Check out how yResponse Source allows you to find media alerts and media requests to generate free publicity for your start up business PR campaignsou can get media requests from ResponseSource Enquiry Service.

Check our PR Resources to find more help from ResponseSource and their white papers on how to generate publicity for your business.

US Media Requests

If you are in the US or if you want to crack the American market, try using an alert system. The best ones I found that focuses on US media:

Pitch Rate:
Reporter Connection:
Reporter's Source:

Be Ready For The Media

When you are given a pop at being in the media, take it. Even drop what you are doing to take up the opportunity they are presenting as it will pass far too quickly. When they get in touch be responsive and get back to the journalist immediately. If he or she wants more info, do a call around if you have to find case studies, ideas, research or suggestions. Always make the journalist’s job easier by giving them everything they need. It will only help you to get the story that you so desire.


Create An Online Press Room

When you have put the PR machine in motion and you're starting to generate PR and publicity for your start up business you’ll need an Online Press Room to give the media information at the drop of a hat.

Your online newsroom will send a clear message to the media, they will know you are serious about your PR, your press coverage and when you’re making media contacts with journalists they can see all the info they need without worrying you. Some websites might also call this news, press room or media centre.

If you haven't already done so, join iHubbub's social networking community for home based working.

How To Find Media Contacts

When you've read our PR Resources section which deals with how to write a press release and where to submit it, you have to get stuck into finding media contacts.

Another ideal way to get wider coverage and easy distribution is to use a PR planning service, which gives you round the clock access to media databases and on-going distribution rather than a one-off.


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