Maebh Babame

Remote or Home Worker.

About Maebh

Flexible and remote working is at the heart of the Babame’s success: - Seven of our 15 employees are parents and are able to structure their working day around family life eg. around nursery and school drop offs. Employing parents has been crucial to our success as parents relate to parents – when they’re investing in a new nappy system or an expensive piece of equipment they value speaking to someone with experience - We allow every parent employee to take as much unpaid leave as they want – something particularly appreciated by parents over the long summer holidays - The majority of our employees work remotely from home for some of their week, enabling them to complete projects without the distractions of the office and the need to commute - Modern technology allows us to offer a highly personal service – we can respond to customers email queries or even tweets, late at night or first thing in the morning - Social networking has become vital to our business and is something that fits in easily with a flexible working approach. We have over 3700 Babame Facebook fans – over three times the number of our nearest competitor. This is because we’re active and engaged – sometimes posting comments on a current parenting issue after watching the news late at night – something our loyal parent fans appreciate - On a personal level remote and flexible working has given us a quality of family life we could only have dreamt of when I was immersed in corporate life. On a hot day, I can take the boys to the beach, knowing that the hours can be made up when the rain returns! And that – just as much as using reusable nappies is what natural parenting should be about. Babame is ‘where parenting comes naturally’. When we first established, there were plenty of people ready to scoff at our ‘hippie’ ethos. Today, with parents never more aware of their family’s environmental footprint or the impact of toxins on their children’s precious health, our mission is something that resonates with the majority. Moving forward we couldn’t be more excited about our plans to make natural parenting accessible and exciting to hundreds of thousands more families.