Content Marketing & Editorial Director at Corinium Global

Remote or Home Worker, United Kingdom.

Category: Marketing

About Lisa

My role as a Content Marketing & Editorial Director at Corinium Global Intelligence involves the creation of interesting, relevant and commercial content that engages with their target audiences and helps promote their series of highly successful conferences and events. I work remotely with a highly skilled and organised team to:

• Design content marketing strategies and set short-term and long-term goals
• Undertake content marketing initiatives to achieve business targets
• Collaborate with design and production teams to produce high quality content
• Develop infographics, webinars, reports, whitepapers, social media content, blogs/articles and white papers
• Develop a strong editorial calendar that links into events and trends
• Ensure information is accurate and SEO is done for websites
• Optimise content considering SEO and Google Analytics
• Analyse web traffic metrics
• Share content through various channels while ensuring s strong web presence
• Receive customer feedback and generate ideas to increase customer engagement requirements.

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