Linda Leary

Remote or Home Worker.

About Linda Leary

I am an enthusiastic and dedicated trainer/personal advisor specialising in the fields of social development and employability. I love interacting with others and helping them to grow, develop and realise their potential. With an optimistic and friendly disposition I find it easy to build a good rapport with those around me, both personally and professionally. With a wealth of experience gained in a wide variety of jobs I have insight, understanding and a non-judgemental attitude when dealing with clients from all backgrounds and circumstances.
I like a challenge and welcome any opportunity to enhance my personal development and learn new skills. Although most of my working life has been spent working for training providers and in Jobcentres, I have also worked as hotel/pub manager, had my own bridal wear shop, jobs in retail sales, demonstrator, market gardener, call centre agent, receptionist and clerical work.
My interests are writing short stories and non-fiction articles, reading, the cinema, crosswords and puzzles and spending time with my family and friends.
I am currently employed on a casual contract but am now looking for work from home or a part time job which does not involve sales or MLM but which would make better use of my skills and experience.






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