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Prevalent Questions About Divorce Lawsuits

There are numerous questions that people often ask about divorce lawsuits; some of which includes;

What is the difference between a legal separation and a divorce?

A divorce is the complete dissolution of a marriage union. While legal separation means the couples live apart and their liabilities and assets are split, their marriage is still undissolved.

How does an Uncontested Divorce vary from a Joint Petition?

A Joint Petition is a compilation of documents that couples use to obtain a divorce without going to court. A "Joint Petition" is another term for an "Uncontested Divorce." If you want an uncontested divorce, you can get a divorce without filing Joint Petition forms.

What issues must be resolved during a divorce?
In a divorce, there are five major issues to resolve:
Child support
Child custody
Asset division
Liability sharing.

How long do divorce proceedings take?

Uncontested divorces might last for about one month or two before completion.
Divorces that are contested might take about a year before completion.

Is it better for me to file first?
It's unusual that filing first gives you a big benefit. If your spouse lives in another state, filing first may allow you to choose your court jurisdiction and have some control over the divorce process.

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