Teacher,Facilitator at Horse Human Harmony

Home Business, United Kingdom.

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Category: Coaching

About Julia

I have had horses in my life since early childhood and have ridden and competed in most equestrian disciplines and taught classically for the last 20 years. I have two beautiful Spanish Andalusian horses that I use for learning basic horse skills, classical riding and fun workshops to learn about the historical and magical pure bred Spanish horse.
I also use my horses for Equine Guided learning where people can gain confidence about themselves, their emotions,relationships with others and leadership skills from interacting with horses.
In a peaceful setting with one to one attention I can tailor a couple of hours or a day for people to relax and enjoy some time with two beautiful and special horses.
Alongside my horse business I also have 'Quirky Cottage Craft' which sells quirky items of up cycled furniture, small artworks and handmade ropes for horses and collars for dogs and cats.


  • Yamao, equine teacher at Horse Human Harmony!
  • Fun, handmade dog collars!
  • Luxury handmade horse ropes by Horse Human Harmony