Working From Your Garden Shed

The popularity of working from home has grown massively over the last five years, with four million of us now regularly working from home and many millions more doing so on an occasional basis.

One such remote worker began to blog and Tweet about his life working from his garden shed, and gained something of a cult following.

And so the idea of shedworking was born!

The online shedworking community is thriving; there’s even a “Shed of the Year” competition and a National Shed Week which is now in its seventh year. Our very own iHubbub crew member Suzanne Daykin certainly knows all about this kind of home working base!

So what makes shedworking so appealing? Guest blogger Cheryl pops down the garden path to find out!Clear those tools away and home work from your shed

Many people initially take to their sheds because of cost constraints - they may not have sufficient space in the house for a dedicated home office but a house move is not financially viable; others starting up their own businesses are looking to reduce their initial outlay and risk and so they opt not to take the more major step of moving to commercial premises.

Whatever the reasons for initially adopting this way of working, they quickly realise that there are plenty of other advantages to shedworking apart from cost, and many say they’d never go back to a more traditional way of working.

Before we get carried away with the idea of going about your daily business surrounded by your garden tools in a potting shed, let’s be clear that the humble shed has been elevated to a totally new level.

Driven by the economic climate, as well as by the changes in our working lives that advances in technology allow, lots of people are now choosing to invest in garden studios to serve as their place of work.

By necessity these garden studios have developed into fully functional buildings with good insulation and all the mod cons needed to run an office or any business enterprise. 

Apart from being a very cost-effective way of gaining additional space, garden studios turn the daily commute into a stroll down the garden which takes mere seconds. This alone could reduce the working day by a couple of hours for many people. (Workaholics can simply derive satisfaction from being able to use that extra time more productively).

Garden studios are environmentally friendly spaces, and what other workplace is as pleasant as being in the midst of the beauty of nature in your own back yard?

Even famous author Jilly Cooper writes from her garden shed. Probably a posh shed ...

The very separateness of the garden studio from the house can help shedworkers draw a clear line between their personal and business lives for a better work-life balance. All of this adds up to reduced levels of stress – surely a welcome change in today’s fast-paced world. 

Just one word of warning if you’re considering taking up shedworking yourself, do check your home insurance policy carefully. Many firms only provide limited cover for items in outbuildings so you may need to increase your cover to protect your valuable equipment or stock. Then, with your peace of mind intact, you can join the millions of others who are discovering the art of shedworking.

Fancy the idea of working from the bottom of your garden? Green Studios help you to set up your home business from a luxury, fully-insulated and mains connected garden shed. 

Where do you settle down to work on your home business? How about sending iHubbub a photo of your cosy home working space ?