Working From Home Employee Hours

It's becoming increasingly common for people to be able to work away from the office environment. Guest Blogger Carrie Wynne explores some reasons as to why this can benefit both companies and their employees.

Carrie says: As a seasoned sales professional who has been in the workforce since 1980 I can tell you that it was rare to have office employees working remotely.  Everyone jumped in their cars and drove to work five days a week.  working at home employee hours

That normal has now changed because of the innovative remote technology coming on to the market.   These advancements, which include social, mobile and cloud computing have helped employees do their jobs from whichever location suits. You can build a global enterprise right from your home if you wanted to.   

People with home offices can have a much more equal work-life balance and, if supported, will tend to stay with a company for longer than they might have done otherwise.

Many companies are taking advantage of having workers at home, ready to start work first thing in their home office.

Use Virtual Online Meetings When Working At Home

Virtual meetings can take place at 8:00 am while other people are stuck in traffic trying to get to the office.     

To make it working at home work, however, accountability and collaboration are necessary to build strong teams of dedicated remote employees.  Regular communication is the key; people who feel valued and acknowledged tend to have a greater sense of loyalty and are far more productive. Video and web conferencing allow face-to-face interaction without travel.   

There is a growing case for off-site employees. The ability to reduce the expense of office space along with advancement in technology is redefining how the workforce is structured.

Also, check out InterCall’s infographic entitled “What’s A Traffic Jam Worth?” This study shows in some of the more populated cities like Chicago, and LA commuters spend up to 40 hours a week stuck in traffic.  Traffic and air pollution caused from exhaust fumes are a huge concern for commuters in densely populated areas. The health risks according to one study are heart and lung disease, low birth weight in infants and pneumonia in the elderly.   

Working From Home Saves Communting Costs

Rising fuel costs along with green initiatives and health concerns are causing commuters to stop and rethink their careers and get clarity on what’s really important to them.   The flexibility of having a home office means you can actually work smarter and longer and be far more productive.   In fact, according to a survey done by Workopolis with over 77,000 people, 90 per cent of people polled who work from home say it has made them more productive.  

For example, evenings and weekends are now accessible.  Many Gen X and Gen Y employees are looking for flexible work environments and place work life balance as a primary motivator. They work smarter, not harder.  If you want to continue doing things the old way you better be able to explain why.  Gen Y won’t tolerate it.  They actually prefer to do their own research and rewrite the rules.  

Do You Have Work At Home Distractions?

Generation Y is now the largest consumer and employee group in history.  They don’t like to waste time in meetings.  They grew up with computers, mobile and instant access.   In May 2013 Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo announced that she wanted all her employees back in the office and work from home privileges were suspended.  No one knows for sure, except Marissa, why she made such a bold statement.  

Perhaps if the success of your company is largely dependent on the frequent exchange of novel ideas between workers you may do the same.  However, you have to ask yourself, does it outweigh the frustration your employees feel commuting in traffic to work every day, having workplace distractions interrupt their flow and disrupting the relaxed energy they feel working from the comforts of their own home office? 

Guest Blogger Bio

Carrie Wynne is the author of 10 Ways to be Deliriously Happy – How to Live an Inspired Life. She conducts personal development workshops based on the principles in her book showing others how to connect to the power within themselves and develop mental strategies to create an incredible life.  As a professional sales consultant she also offers training, coaching, and sales seminars.  Connect with Carrie on Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn.
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