What Music Jives You To Work At Home

Here at iHubbub, we think the luxury of working wherever the mood takes us is one of the more attractive aspects of working for yourself while you work at home and listen to music.

The high street coffee shop is a popular alternative to the home office for many homeworkers, who find the pleasant ambient buzz of conversation boosts productivity. In fact, an academic study published in 2012 found the noise of a bustling cafe provided the perfect level of mild distraction to keep you focused.

Many a business starting up at home has gone down to their local coffee shop just to feel like they're still in the business world. Minus their PJs of course as many of us home workers, toil away for hours in our jim-jams before realising it. Just like the fun lot on iHubbub who tend to even network in their slippers. But that's another work at home story ...

Authors Ravi Mehta, Ryu (Juliet) Zhu (University of British Columbia), and Amar Cheema (University of Virginia) say, “Moderate background noise induces distraction which encourages individuals to think at a higher, abstract level, and consequently exhibit higher creativity.”

They didn't mention whether the smell of freshly-brewed coffee also had an effect!


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But if you have to work in less conducive surroundings, we've found a new site with the perfect answer.

Coffitivity streams ambient coffee shop sounds, which you can mix in with your work from home music playlist to fool your brain that you are in your favourite coffee shop instead of on your own sofa (or still in bed!)

It plays for as long as you need, and has clinking cups and subtle background chatter. It really does make it feel like you are surrounded by the buzz of a metropolitan working day.

Sadly, it does not induce the smell of coffee or bring you over a cup!

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What Gives You The Best Productivity While You Work At Home?

Do you like cranking up Classics FM while you work, or do you prefer to work at home in silence?

My choice of music may not be everybodies errr... cup of tea, but I am sure there are all sorts of people who love different aspects of music to get their home business day off to a good start.

Is yours headbashing? Drums and bass?

Maybe it's sounds of the sea or tinkling bells as your plan your business start up. Perhaps you need more hip-hop-happening when writing your start-up business plan. Could it be Mozart or Soul to get you in the mood for a business day challenge?

We've heard some members say they have to have pop and dance to jive them up to get cracking on a full throttle business marketing plan.

Whatever tickles your music fancy, we'd love to hear what sounds accompany your best and most productive work from home day. 

Go on, don't be chicken about what weird or wonderful music you listen to while working at home, let us know in the comments below.

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