Social Media Marketing For Home Businesses

It's never been easier to do your own social media marketing - iHubbub's Guest Blogger Mary Miller tells us how we can use social media to get your home business brand out there.

Home businesses should really take advantage of social media. There is no need to spend a lot of money on your campaign, and there is very little difference between a campaign that is heavily funded and one that has a small budget. how to do your own social media marketing

When you are affiliate advertising, online advertising, offline advertising and doing SEO, your bigger budget can put you ahead of the people with a small budget.

But, with a social media marketing (SMM) campaign the playing field is a little more level. And, this is where it is going to benefit a home business

Planning Your Social Media Marketing

Just because you are not setting on a team of staff to run your SMM does not mean that you do not need to plan your campaign. Signing up to social media and making posts is free, but your time is not free.

It is very easy to burn through hours of your productive time on a fruitless endeavor to market your business on social media. You need a plan in order to makes sure that your time has a return on its investment. 

Set Social Media Marketing Goals

And endeavour to achieve them with minimal effort!

Social media is a time vampire because it is very easy to become distracted by other people or the posts they have uploaded. Your plan must include goals for your social media marketing, and the goals must be specific to your business.

A goal such as “raise awareness” or “build a brand” is not good enough. You need to have a specific goal such as “Pull twelve people per week from social media onto my website,” or “Gain four sales conversions through social media every week for a month.”

If you do not have social media goals then you have nothing to achieve and no way to measure the ROI of you invested time. 

Find Ways To Measure Your Success On Social Media 

This does not mean that you should buy or use social media monitoring tools. It means that if you have goals that need to be achieved, then it is only logical that you find a way of measuring to see if they have been achieved. You can do this by measuring the amount of traffic that if referred from social media sites.  

Or, you could simply monitor your sales on your website to see if they go up. If you launch a large social media campaign, with the goal of getting more sales, then if the amount of sales you receive goes up, you can assume that your campaign was a success. 

Get Better At Social Media Marketing

Scale up your plans when you get better at social media marketing. If your goal is to gain four sales conversions per week, then once you achieve that goal, you can scale up your efforts. You can take it from four sales conversions per week to seven.  

Social media has its limitations, but you would have to be pulling in thousands of sales per day before you reach those limits. Since this is highly unlikely, you can keep scaling up your operation until you are gaining a good amount of sales and traffic from the site.

Once you are pulling a lot of sales conversions from your social media marketing, you can start being a little bit more experimental.  

You could start by signing up for other social media sites, and you could even try a little bit of viral marketing. You could start a few buzz marketing campaigns with the hope that one will take off and increase your sales and/or traffic. You can even direct the subsequent traffic back to your more conservative social media marketing so that you can be more confident that the traffic will turn into sales. 

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