Sanyo Power To Mobile Working Tools

Let's just say that every home based business owner and freelancers on the hop out and about working with mobile tools need them to be charged and pumped at all times.

That said ...

Can we all still understand the fundermentals of batteries or currents? I think now-days many people don't realise the full adaption from battery powered devices previous and to date ...

The understanding and use of electricity is largely responsible for the advanced technology that we enjoy today: electric light, heat, digital computers, television, music on CD, DVD video, radar, microwave ovens, cell phones, and on and on and on.

Electrical charge and its associated phenomena are a fundamental part of the world that we live in.

Sanyo Ni-MH batteries are a modern high capacity rechargeable cells within them, which, when used correctly will give you a rate of 2x or 3x the capacity of the equivalent NiCd battery.  

The Sanyo`s energy density approaches that of a lithium-iron cell, which using most modern forms of technology with a high output rate the Ni-MH batteries can stand the power and recharge extremely quick. 

This gives most business start ups or freelancers working from home the ability to have just one pair of batteries that will last longer than three years. We all know when starting up a home business you need durablitly and good life expectancy in most of your remote and mobile working kit.  

Being a freelance photographer for many years now, I have found the use of batteries in certain equipment drains most battery cells, especially if you happen to be using LED external lighting outputs that drain at an exceptionally high capacity.

We all know when starting up a home business you need durablitly and good life expectancy in most of your remote and mobile working kit so the Sanyo Ni-MH Battery will help you out.
Eneloop Technology has been known to hold their charge for a lot longer than traditional Ni-MH batteries which can have up to 70% of the cells within the battery after 3 years.

I tested these facts within normal day to day tasks, since the low rate of dis-charge gives you frequent ability for use on TV Remotes, Cameras and Children’s Toys.

The sufficiency within Sanyo`s Ni-MH battery has shown me that sufficiency in power and the consumption of that power to last longer than other tested brands. 

Key Facts

  • Capacity 2500 mAh
  • Environmentally friendly  1x Battery = 500 Recycled NON Rechargeable Batteries
  • AA 4 Pack 1.2V
  • Ni-MH
  • Enerloops are rated for 1,500 Charge Cycles
  • Low Self – Discharge Technology

I vouch for the Sanyo Ni-MH batteries because I discovered that the batteries could stand a very high capacity for a long duration, thus making life easier to capture that perfect moment.

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