Roaring Jabra Home Working Music

When it comes to checking out the music scene, I'm always up for plugging into home office music technology. Being a freelance DJ and music producer, I was keen to check out the latest music gadgets for home business entrepreneurs, whether they are into the music scene or just listening to music while working from home.

Okay, sometimes listening to music doesn't go with working hard on a new start up business, but that's not always the case.

The Founder of successful music sharing web site, Phil Smith is an expert on the health benefits of listening to music. He gave us some results from a recent Finnish study:

From the perspective of neuroscience, listening to music is one of the most complex things you can do.

This is the part I really like ...

Many parts of your brain have to work together to comprehend even the simplest tune. Listening music can improve brain function, enhance mood, lower blood pressure and increase perception.

So let's get stuck in and see what the Jabra VOX Head Phone can do for you when you're toiling away on starting your home business.

Jabra VOX Headphones Review By Kent Wynne


Well now, Jabra have some acutely powerful bass response here for low-end fans along with good overall High end levels. The VOX headphones feel Locked to your ear with a snug fit. The look and feel straight away is pleasing with features such as 'tangle-resistant cable', inner cable remote, and microphone for Android along with ... of course iOS devices.



Headphones seem to lack well-balanced acoustic performance, bass is heavier than tops (High Levels) such as snare hits for example, but settings on your device do need to be personally adapted as we all prefer our music a certain way. I found the included app (even though free) hard to set up, but other small features, such as the flick-like motion to navigate through the app was a fine touch. 

Key Facts

  • Mic & Music Control 
  • Liquid Crystal Polymer Reinforced Cables
  • Life Proof ( Cable Tested 15kg) With Tangle Free Design
  • High Definition (DOLBYDIGITAL PLUS) Sound With Jabra App
  • Ideal for everyday freelance music on your tablet or phone


Roaring Ears

Jabra VOX Head Phone Review Photography By Kent Wynne (C)

The Jabra Vox is an elegant mini in ear subwoofer camouflaged as a pair of earphones!

Well if you really test these headphones like I have, you'll find one of the best bass heavy “ In Ear “ headphones. Being a freelance DJ and Music Producer I've tested a fair range of sound frequencies ...

These VOX`s are extremely lightweight for the tough feel, yet secure fitting earphones for that peace of mind, so you don’t have to be re-arranging your ear lobes to get that comfy feeling. 

Ideally for “Bass Heads” since there is fewer low frequency outputs of the VOX compared to others which have an enhanced High/Treble frequency rate and as a result, certain genres can sound rather bass over powering.

While other headphones cater to a good deal of electronic and pop music, sound is more low frequency, but within genres such as Drum and Bass/Dance/Bass these headphones will excel your needs.

If you're seeking a pair of headphones that have a higher Bass/Vocal range with minor Distortion, I would recommend Jabra`s VOX. Even from the packaging you can see the detail put into this product and it even comes with a sleek trendy carry case.

For Freelancers and business start ups who want to do as Paul says above and enhance mood and production, you need these Jabra VOX headphones. They may also play a big role in giving you voice calls or just everyday general music needs.


The Jabra Vox is perfect for an audience who are on the hunt for earphones with roaring sub-woofer resembling bass, but it lacks clarity in the high-mid ranges.

Always make sure to adapt your settings to achieve the overall best sound quality. VOX headphones are fairly priced if found at the right source and with a general aesthetically pleasing design, it would be ideal for any freelancing business or just music lovers that strive on bass end quality.

Please find more information on goodies and gadgets for your home office music technology. Check some of Jabra's Cool Headsets in iHubbub's Shop.