Mikey Portable iPhone Microphone

Well ... to start with I have waiting to get my hands on the nifty little Mikey Digital Microphone gadget for your iPhone for a while now.

Blue's latest version of its portable microphone range is called Mikey Digital  and mainly designed for current iPhones and iPads with a overall better sound quality.

The Blue Microphones portable range has had a varied track record with Apple accessories, frequently scoring hits with aesthetically -designed Mac microphones, if you’re into that sort of thing?

The Mikey digital recording device adds a sophisticated microphone to whereever you are  located, which I found extremely handy for us freelancers being out and about a lot!

Blue's computer mics are retro-styled, it’s the Mikey units for iPods that so far have been expensive and limited in device compatibility.Mikey Portable iPhone Speaker

After using it and testing its capabilities there is an understanding of why its in the higher price range. It's damn good!

Also take note that it may be arriving in stores just as Apple releases new devices that don't work with them.

That is pretty unfortunate since the new ports designed by Apple do not fit in newer versions like the iPhone 5 and above.

In saying that, the old devices work and fit perfectly “Despite utilizing the same bottom-mounting Dock Connector found in most of Apple's pocket devices”.

I do have to say that the original 2009 version of Mikey didn't support the increasingly popular iPod touch. I had seen earlier versions, but wanted this version due to having the iPhone 4s at the time and being a freelance photographer/designer I needed a decent portable microphone.

However the sequel for Mikey on iPod worked with all iPods besides the current iPod touch, only later Apple “promising some support for older iPhones”.

I did love how handy and sleek the design is - it's able to rotate towards you or backwards giving you the option to fully manoeuvre the positioning to suit.  I even tried to balance it tucked up in bed watching a film!

While Mikey Digital does work with a number of present Apple devices, you may have to decide whether to devote so much money in a “soon to be discontinued accessory” range. But that is the choice of the user of course.

Personally I would recommend having the Mikey Digital as a feature within a busy accessory-needed life style. Mostly because it' handy having a portable microphone.

Did You Know?

The human ear is most sensitive to sound that falls between the 1000 Hz and 5000 Hz range.

The Mikey Portable Microphone's Good Points

  • Mikey Digital switches between but can stay on automatic most of the time, switching it to quiet or loud modes when dealing with really quiet or loud audio sources.
  • A hinge between the Dock Connector and perforated black plastic grille housing enables the microphone unit to ratchet through more than “200 degrees”.
  • Inside Mikey Digital are twin condenser microphones, a 3.5mm line-in port, and a processor with pre-amplification, analogue-to-digital conversion capabilities and gain control.
  • In addition to recording directly with its mics or the 3.5mm input, an included 1/8” adapter lets you connect instruments and other audio sources for direct recording.

The Mikey Portable Microphone's Not So Good Points

  • Mikey Digital’s Dock Connector plug is surrounded by a rectangular piece of plastic that completely reduces the accessory’s compatibility with some iPhone and iPad cases.
  • The Mikey was brought onto iPod platforms at a stage when the newer USB port connections where changing, making most new available devices like the iPhone 5S & 5C not compatible.

In conclusion The Mikey portable microphone is a must have gadget for older generation iPods and Blue’s web site also promises “support for the fourth-generation iPod touch”, let’s hope a new connection for iphone 5C and 5S will be available as the Mikey does support a affordable boundary with good quality.