Keep Morale High In Your Home Based Business

No matter what business you run, it’s vital that moral is kept high.

All successful companies within the business world make it one of their priorities to keep moral high as this leads to greater productivity within the business. Home based business often have many home workers as staff so keeping moral high can be even trickier as your staff are spread out from each other and don’t interact face to face as often.

We popped across to James Helliwell from Firespin who is an expert in modern business for their opinion on keeping morale high in the home office.

keep morales high in your home based businessJames said ... A few years ago, I ran a small business with 10 employees within the company, all through my home business office.

Although the business was small, I was always aware of the moral within the company.

There were certain methods and techniques I established to cement a positive attitude surrounding the business.

Even though I didn’t meet with my employees regularly due to it being a work from home business, morale still has to kept high because productivity still has to maintained.

If you’re running a small or medium sized business and you’re looking for some morale tips for your staff, here are some of the successful methods I did.

Home Business Team Goals

This type of morale boosting is more focused on the home based or remote working employees as one rather than rewarding them on an individual basis. You can reward “the team” (ADD link for awards) in a number of ways, but what's most important is giving the team a goal to work towards and upon reaching it, giving them a group reward or prize.

Setting a certain sales target (if you’re involved in the sales business) is a good way of setting a goal, but there are many other ways you can set targets!

What sort of prize can you give out? Well again there are many options here but how about a group day out somewhere?

Paintballing or a nice dinner at a pub or restaurant is something that everyone can look forward to. Likewise hiring entertainment from businesses like Classique, is a great way of spending an evening with your staff. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to see a magician or fire breather close up!

For my home based business I decided to reward my employees as a group by meeting up as a group for a meal. This was quite a unique challenge as many of us hadn’t met before as we all work from home but it was massively rewarding for everyone to meet everyone over a beer!

Home Working Individual Goals

Team goals are great to include everyone, but sometimes it can work well motivating people on an individual basis rather than as a team. Setting a prize for the worker of the month or worker of the year is a great way of getting individuals within the company to go that extra mile.

It can create a healthy competitive atmosphere within the company and as long as this doesn’t spill into something poisonous, it can only be good for the productivity of the business, especially if it’s a home based business.

Many businesses implement this tactic successfully by rewarding individual performances with vouchers and various other prizes, however, what's really important with this tactic is to make sure that the prize is attainable to all within the company, and not just the sales arm within the business.

You could get creative with this, such as on dress down Fridays, except if you’re a work from home business it might be a tad harder to judge because every day is dress down Fridays, but I’m sure you can get around this with some well-timed Skype calls!

There are many other methods you can choose to do but these were the best ones that worked for my business and I’m sure they’ll work for yours also!

Just remember a positive attitude within the workplace is vital so using a combination of team and individual goals and rewards is probably the best way of keeping morale high!

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