Jabra Revo Sleek Home Office Headset

As a Freelance Music enthusiast and making my way into the music scene I find myself striving to find headphones that fit my "Bass heavy" needs. That may not be everyone's need when looking for a good pair of home office headsets.

You may only be after something to listen to so your other start-up business partners won't be distracted by your choice of music while you're working away on your business plans or freelance clients.

Playing at Freelance Live events I am always up for checking out new products that would suit my freelancing music production business needs as sometimes this is a vital link between the two.

We all know music and communication is an element much needed when starting up a home based business life style and specially if your new business start up is within the music sector, but many people seem to link distraction with music. My take is that they are living in an protective bag ...

Scientists all over the world say that music and communication give us more benefits than originally thought. I for one, strongly believe that music within a business arena gives an overall feel-good factor.

Read this blog on how music can give your home business day a boost and then tell us what music you jive to when working from home.

Listening to music feels good, but can that translate into physiological benefit?

Levitin and colleagues published a meta-analysis of 400 studies in the journal Trends in Cognitive Sciences, suggesting the answer is yes.

So lets check out the Jabra REVO headphones and what home working happiness they give you... 


The Good

The Jabra Revo headphone has a sleek unique look and feel towards it. The touch durable feel lets you know you can drop them and be safe without discomfort to breaking and with regards to sound, even without the Jabra app the Revo gives your ears High-quality sound. 

Testing these head phones personally I have found to be some of the most bass heavy “On Ear “headphones around for its price range. Being a DJ/Producer I tested a fair range of sound frequencies and The Revo dealt with Low/High frequency outputs.  

So lets check out the Jabra REVO headphones and what home working happiness they give you

Day to day tasks with a unique flexible ear rotation gives it that “snug to wear” feeling, so being a freelancer or needing home office music kit the Jabra would surely suit your needs.

It folds up into a more compressed shape which helps aspects for storage or better overall comfort and if you happen to be a DJ, it helps to flex or fold one side for cueing the song.

These cool headsets also features not only an 'inline remote' with a microphone for cell phone calls, plus an extra jack for sharing your music - perfect for being about on home working business trips.

Even a durable Polymer Reinforced cable which is tested along with Drop Testing and Extreme Bend Testing is included. 

For everyday use with music/voice calls being the main choice the Jabra Revo`s don’t only excel in comfort from its sleek memory foam design, but manages to give a high-quality range of low frequencies throughout various types of music. 

The Not So Good

High price range

High / Mid range lacks on a few songs and frequencies (Remember to set up audio equaliser settings to gain the best personal quality)

The Revo could use a higher independence ratio as it stands at 32 Ohm

One of the advanced on-ear headphones, the Jabra Revo combines strong sound superiority with advanced comfort and design. The product is an exclusive modern designed Headphone and has a sleek look for all those music/business or even freelancers out there wanting to make an impression.

Just by looking at outer design the market appeal is obvious and when inside opening up the Revo you see the genius behind clever durable packaging giving you a “ No worries “ feeling when being delivered within postal services.


Key Facts 

  • Mic & Music control
  • Modern Foldable Design 
  • Liquid Crystal Polymer Reinforced Cables 
  • Life Proof – Drop Tested (2m)
  • Extreme Bend Tested ( 10000x )
  • Cable Tested ( 15kg )
  • High Definition (DOLBY DIGITAL PLUS) With Jabra App


Design And Features Summary

When it comes to on-ear headphones, the market appeal is huge but there are too many cheap imitations of products that don’t really have that superior feel, look and listening quality that the Revo has.  

The memory foam in their ear pads gives you a luxurious soft cushioned feeling and they equal to your ears nicely which seals out a fine amount of ambient noise without fitting to tight as to pinch down on your ears, so they present a sheltered flexible fit.

The headphones feel robust and have a pleasingly “air-cushioned headband”.

In addition I appreciated that the ear cups are labelled "right" and "left" on their brightly coloured  interiors, so it's more than easy to figure out which side ... as we all know that is a frequent problem when in a rush.

Please find more information on goodies and gadgets for your home office music technology. Check some of Jabra's Cool Headsets in iHubbub's Shop.