Is Your Home Businesses Using Cloud Fax?

Have you been asked lately to send a fax? But hold on, what if you don't have such an 'ancient' device in your home office?

We've discovered this cool thing called cloud fax that allows you to efficiently send and receive messages to and from your desktop without actually needing a fax machine! Hey ho, how cool!

With technology advancing at an incredible rate, Guest Blogger Trish Gilson believes home businesses are increasingly able to compete with larger companies when it comes to resources.

Trish came down from her cloud to tell us ...


5 Reasons Why Home Businesses Should Use Cloud Fax

Working from home or setting up a home business often presents the need for secure, cost-effective communication, and fortunately this is achievable with cloud fax.

Cloud fax is a service that allows the user to send and receive documents via computers rather than fax machines.

Plenty of large businesses are turning towards it in favour of manual faxing, but it is also finding a place in the world of home business, as its advantages are numerous.

Saving Home Business Space

Using a cloud fax service negates the need for a bulky fax machine. Cloud fax comes in the form of an online service which can be accessed from a laptop or desktop, allowing for more space in your home office which may be limited as it is. Documents are stored online allowing you to save space on storing printed copies in your office, but they can be printed as and when the requirement for a hard copy should arises.

Saving Money For Your Home Business

With the lack of need for a fax machine comes the lack of need for ink and paper, helping to save money and making cloud fax a cost-effective service for home businesses.

The service usually comes as a monthly subscription, allowing the user to separate the fax costs as a rigid expenditure each month, rather than the fluctuating costs of ink and paper. The financial security of a cloud fax subscription makes the service ideal for home businesses who may not necessarily be as economically flexible as larger companies.

Portability For Your Home Business

Many cloud fax services are also available as an app and accessed through mobile phones and tablets. These can be used anywhere there is an internet connection, so a physical fax machine, in your home office technology collection, will never be required again. Whether on the road or in a meeting, the ability to access faxes online or via an app allows home businesses to rival larger ones when it comes to flexibility.

Online Security

Cloud fax is inherently more secure and has more internet security than similar methods of transferring data, such as email or email-to-fax services due to the way it disassembles data and reassembles it at the other end of the line.

This makes it impossible for third parties to intercept data without physically tapping into the line. For those working with sensitive documents and data, the security offered by cloud fax makes it a more desirable option than emailing.

Cloud Fax Flexibility

Many services offer alternative options depending on the size of their home business. So whether the user intends to continue working by him or herself in a home office, or outgrows the home business and begins to operate on a larger scale, the service provides the best package for the user’s fax from your home office

Multiple organizations in multiple locations can have multiple fax lines and users, so the service can grow with the business, especially as their is a fast growing rates of UK home businesses popping up all over the map.

This flexibility means the business entrepreneur does not need to worry about finding a different service to meet their requirements, as the service adapts to them.

Written by Trish Gilson, Senior Sales Consultant, SecureCare Technologies, Inc. SecureCare securely digitizes, processes and stores sensitive information. Today it provides a ‘super secure’ cloud fax service named Sfax and Scrypt is a cloud-based document scanning and archiving solution.

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