Find Your Home Working SOULMATE

When writing some of the blogs for iHubbub's Home Office Music Technology I checked out some interesting facts on the net about music and why people listen to music while working at home in their own home based business. Or in my case ... freelance consultancy.

Did You Know?

On the 1st of November 1954 the first transitor radio was invented, not to long after that on the 1st of April 1979 the first portable cassette player was introduced to music lovers across the world ...

Wow - we have come so far from just 32 years of music and home office business technology.

Music has not only proved to stimilate our minds, but shown its necessity throughout humanity. So it is quick cool to think about the advancements in portable speakers such as the Jabra SOULMATE we reviewed here ...

Before that, let's quickly go through the main reasons why these advancements have a profound effect. 

  • Music is easier to share. Smaller designs give you aspects of better storage and overall use in any given situation.

  • New music portable players have more capabilities than just music, most now days have Bluetooth or Apps downloadable for more entertainment for your device. 

  • The evolution of music players has also lead to better sound recording and headphone possibilities. 

  • Small does not mean small anymore. Thousands of songs can be held on one small device, allowing the user more variety and even speakers are now personalised to audiences needs.

Think iPod for a moment and especially those diddy little things the girls like to swing along with. Imagine the tech-no-cool gone in building those!

Anyway, back to the review ...


The Good

The Jabra SOLEMATE is a compressed but yet packed with astonishing HD sound quality which features a constructed Bluetooth speaker built in. For looks, well from the start receiving other of Jabras products you notice how designed products are overall.

The SOLEMATE has some of the most unique looks of them all especially at the bottom of the replicating a shoes rubber 'sole'. Cool, hey!

Jabra SOULMATE Speaker  Photography (C) By Kent Wynne

Even down to the name “SOLEMATE” I thought wasa nice touch and wordplay.

A product like this can be very attached 'personally' into your life with an eye-catching design, decent battery life, and speakerphone capabilities.

I think this product would be ideal for everyday use for business start ups needing Bluetooth abilities, or for conferences and events or the general need to listen to audio within work placements.  

Even most audiences attracted to the music industry needing small yet durable and powerful portable speakers would benefit from this sleek SOLEMATE. 

It comes with a water-resistant "sound bag" with clever features such as headphone jack connection for non Bluetooth devices that sits within the sleek yet ridged design of the sole flush and hidden conveniently.  


The Not So Good

The SOLEMATE could cost a little less, you do pay for durability, but a sound does distort at high volume levels.

IOS Bluetooh problems when trying to connect 


Key Facts

  • Looks Small But Sounds Big Even outdoors
  • High Quality Deep Bass
  • Bluetooth Portable Speaker 
  • Tough – Take it anywhere 
  • Durable Sound Bag For Added Outdoor Protection
  • Speakerphone Capability 
  • Up To 8 Hours Music/Talk Time 
  • Up To 40 Days Standy Time
  • Modern Adaptive Design Ideal For Corporate/Everyday


Design And  Features Summary

With a powerful yet stylish speaker like the SOLEMATE even weight is not an issue as it weighs 1.3 pounds, with a powerful rubber and metal body even with a finger “fabric loop” label to help carry your speaker in most environments.

 The top and bottom “Sole” like design for durability and helps with slippery surfaces are “impact-resistant rubber”; the bottom is textured to look like the sole of a distinctive looking boot. Initial reacts to the design personally I liked but didn’t think it would help but it really does stop the SOLEMATE from bouncing or slipping when playing profound bass on an uneven surface.

 The bottom has a long indentation and two holes that firmly store the included 13-inch 3.5mm audio cable, which I loved how aesthetically pleasing and user friendly this aspect was. Having this extra feature gives the user another way to use the speaker with non-Bluetooth sound sources. 

I found many aspects of the SOLEMATE`s design were extremely well thought over with intuitively placed ports and connections such as “Micro USB port, 3.5mm audio input sits on the end of the speaker opposite the carry strap, with an on-off button above that doubles as a Bluetooth pairing switch”.  

Jabra SOULMATE Portable Freelance HD Speaker Photography (C) Kent Wynne

Small or “Quirky” is a big aspect towards a buyer, but Jabra thought of us music lovers again with a nifty small feature like: Bluetooth and battery lights show that the speaker is connected and charged along with a sound jiggle to let you know it’s on/off in a rush. T

hree rubberised buttons along the top of the SOLEMATE let you fine-tune the volume plus for answering/ending calls “hands-free speakerphone call”.

When it comes to pairing the SOLEMATE with a smart phone or tablet it is done with ease. 

Basically a helpful friendly voice tells you when the speaker is ready and when it pairs to most devices, yes it really is that easy.

For another added feature you can also join the SOLEMATE to any audio device with a 3.5mm cable.

And through a USB connection - these speakers work as powerful PC speakers, which is great for when you are starting up a business and needing products that connect with powerful sound quality. 

If you have a reasonably small apartment, bedroom or home office, even freelancers and outdoor fanatics will need their own SOLEMATE.  It can get loud enough to satisfy pretty much all your expectations and more, but don’t expect it to power a enormous party when you're doing any home business entertaining.

If you're into this kind of review and reading blogs about cool music kit for your home office music read more of our blogs. And then take a browse at some of Jabra's Cool Headsets in iHubbub's Shop.