10 Top Exhibition Attention Grabbers

If you've been there and done that, you'll know first hand that running a stand at a trade show or exhibition is pretty hard graft. Never mind the exhaustion that comes as part and parcel of this one successful way of marketing your business.

Once you've done your digital marketing plans and laid out your publicity campaigns and tackled all those other mind-boggling tasks for starting up and running a successful business, you may start to begin to understand why exhibiting can be useful to getting new client leads.

But how and where do you start planning your exhibition s10 Top Exhibition Attention Grabberstand? And who on earth do you turn to for valuable advice on exhibition planning? And how to you go about designing your stand trade shows, exhibitions and trade fairs?

Most importantly, if you are planning to exhibit as part and parcel of your business marketing strategy, whether it’s at the NEC or the local school fete, it’s important to grab the interest of the passing footfall.

So, how can you make sure your stand stands out?

Richard Edwards, Director, Quatreus Ltd, popped along to our recent stand at a Business Show to give us some pointers.

But it doesn't stop at jut the stand. Once you have attracted the visitors, you then need to engage them.  

After Richard's tips for attracting attention to your stand, he goes on to share ideas on how to get the visitors sticking around to chat to you.

He gives us five ideas that can be used successfully on exhibition stands.


Tried And Tested Exhibition Attention Grabbers

1) Eye Catching Design

However big or small your stand, don’t waste the opportunity to attract the passing footfall.  Think about how the design, or the colours and information on your stand can help attract visitors. Bold colours, images, great lighting, attention to detail and choosing designs that are eye-catching – all of these are key. Make sure your printed banner is professional.

2) Entertainment

It could be a mini train set, a juggler or even Frank Bruno. Entertainment is guaranteed to attract attention.

3) Deliver A Talk

Don’t spend your entire time selling to them – give them useful information that showcases your expertise. Choose intriguing and well-researched topics that will excite your target audience and demonstrate that you have the solutions they need.

4) Cool Gadgets

We all like playing with a fancy bit of technology when the opportunity presents itself. A neat gadget is like a shiny object to a magpie. Whether it is a game, simulators, or even office technology, it will help to attract people to your stand.

5) Coffee

This is an easy-win and it does work.

6) Videos

Video can be a great way of capturing and maintaining attention as well as giving an overview of your business. A high-quality video is eye-catching, stimulating and informative. Be sure to include a call-to-action, for example; “take one of our leaflets” or “scan this QR-code to send us an email”. You don’t need a big screen – a laptop or tablet can work well for smaller stands.

7) Engaging Staff

Well-trained, engaging staff can make all the difference. We’ve all visited stands where the staff seem friendly and knowledgeable yet lack that extra edge which makes you want to stop and chat further about the home business brand you've created.

8) Live Twitter Feed

Display a live Twitter feed, allow visitors to follow you, use your #hashtag and ask questions. These are all ways to engage your visitrs.

9) iPads and Tablets

Mobile working gadgets, like iPads, are a great way to gather contact details, complete surveys and showcase your business. People are more likely to leave their contact details on an iPad or tablet than a paper form. Also, with clever software like qbit (developed by Quatreus), contact details can be collated instantly off-site via Wi-Fi or 3G.

10) Follow Up

However you decide to attract and engage visitors to your stand, and whether you have spoken to 100s of people or just a few dozen, it is always important to follow up with your new leads within a few days.

Research shows that if contact is made within three days of the exhibition then your new leads are much more likely to remember who you are, what you do, and be more willing to buy from you in the future.

If you have the resources – make the contact personal – it’s so much more memorable and will do wonders for the perception of you and your business.

Exhibitions can be a big investment (of both time and money) – but done right they can deliver big rewards. So when you're marketing your business think carefully about how you’re going to attract visitors, engage them and follow-up with them afterwards.

With good planning you can expect to considerably increase your return on investment.

Richard Edwards is Director of Quatreus Ltd. They specialises in creating face to face experiences that strengthen relationships and improve communication – for both internal and external audiences.

Activities include customer facing events and activities, exhibitions, trade-shows, road-shows and interactive experience centres, as well as conferences, AGMs, and staff and stakeholder engagement programmes.