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About My Business

The start of 2015 saw me re launch my consultancy business after flirting with freelancing then a maternity ‘break’. On 31st December I set goals and financial targets, within one week I’d smashed January’s targets by 300% and February by 500%.

I have a real passion for helping people do their own PR and marketing so being a ‘go to’ person for this is such a privilege and I have never enjoyed work so much.

2014 was both the best and worst year of my life. I was blessed with a son but then 4 months later my younger brother, my soul mate, was diagnosed with terminal cancer and sadly aged 27, he lost his short battle just 3 months later.

A few months on and it was time to jump back in the business saddle. And my goodness have I...


About Me

I overcame the obstacles of working from home with a young baby and losing my younger brother simply by pure determination. I live hours away from friends and family, so have had to deal with my bereavement and my work completely alone. I am now an unstoppable force and never felt more want to succeed and have a loving full filling life.


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