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About My Business

I own an online business called DyNaMik Records Ltd, also known online as
dnmrecords.It is an incorporated record company we are now beginning to concentrate our main activities around the education, health & wellness sector.We have a holistic approach.We sell our products(cd’s,digital downloads,t.shirts, artist promotion pack, books etc through Amazon, iTunes & as members of Merlin Network http://www.merlinnetwork.org/ we have over 50 distributors to choose from along with 101 Arena,CD Baby,Routenote, Nova Distribution, Universal, streaming sales & our music glue store,we also have a wide variety of other online sales portals to choose from...


About Me

People tell me they like the name DyNaMik Records,they say it sounds strong and relevant, they tell me I chose a good name for my business.I am always looking for fresh & relevant ways to keep people engaged in my business & I am very hands on. I love visionary & innovative/ unique ways of doing things more than just relying on the traditional ways of doing things & trust my intuition to guide me.I am always looking to actively engage with individuals/companies/collaborators who think in new & innovative ways. I am especially attracted to paradigms that work for the whole ie not self-serving, all inclusive, having value & relevance to many https://docs.google.com/document/d/1BOpD3JlwsJ-ENQ2hCW2YU3kN6XchJMGxNyWD4KE8VtQ/edit?...


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