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Since 2000, has worked with all UK cinemas and film distributors to help people with hearing loss attend cinema. I (Dean) founded the company and still work for it part-time. My father gave up his job in marketing to run the company full-time. We provide a niche listings service, detailing all accessible shows UK nationwide. Last year almost 400,000 tickets were sold to English-language subtitled cinema shows, specifically screened for people with hearing loss, generating around £2.5m for the UK film industry. We work from home, on laptops, helping the UK film industry generate fifty times more money than it pays us.


About Me

In the summer of 2000, aged 9, I went to a one-off captioned screening of the Aardman animation ‘Chicken Run’. Thanks to the captions/subtitles, it was the first film I ever understood and enjoyed at the cinema (I'm profoundly deaf). Afterwards I asked my parents ‘Why can’t I see all films with subtitles?’ So we investigated, and found that there was no good reason why not - all films and cinemas COULD be accessible. So we launched an information service to help make it happen. For 3 years my dad and I ran the service on a part-time, voluntary basis, with no income. In 2004 film industry figures from the public & corporate/private sector agreed to fund us. My dad now works full-time and I work part-time.


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