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Here is a list of helpful links to get you going ...

  Complete Your Profile Links

Using iHubbub
Using iHubbub >>
How to join iHubbub Joining iHubbub >>
Complete your profile Complete your profile >>
How to change your username
Username >>
What is a pin?
What is a pin?  >>
How do I add my photo images?  
Adding images? >>
How do I upload my photo or logo? 
Upload My Logo >>
How do I find my content? 
Edit Content >>
What is a Follow, How does it work and why follow? 
Follow Friends >>
Profile and Account Settings  Profile Settings >>
How to change your email address Edit Email >>
How to change your bio Edit Bio >>
How to change your Social Links Edit Social Links >> 
How to change your profile picture Edit Profile Image >>
How to delete your account
Delete Account >>
Password Issues in Browsers  Password Issues >>
How to change email notification preferences Email Notifications >>
Other Questions Other >>
Privacy  Privacy >>
Journalists >>

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Your Profile

Your profile is divided into three areas:


Find out more about how to Complete Your Profile Links

Using iHubbub

Many newbies to our home working world ask “What kind of content can I add to iHubbub? Currently, iHubbub allows our members to add photographic images, videos, audio clips and descriptive and narrative text in a variety of ways. Photographic images and text can be pinned directly to the iHubbub map.


What Is A Pin?

When you join - you automatically get pinned to our map. But to be visible on our home page and our search pages you need to complete your profile with certain information.

Find out how to complete your profile
Find out how to get a good-looking pin
Read our Pin Guidelines before completing your pin.


How Do I Post Photographic Images?

Upload images to the map by clicking the Add Photo link and you will be able to drag and drop images into iHubbub. They will be featured on your public profile and showcased in our Photo Gallery.

add images or logos of your new start up home based business

If you already have added images to iHubbub's Photo Gallery Syou can see the Add Photo link below your other images that you already have uploaded.

See how to add your own image to your profile below.

add images or logos of your new start up home based business

 Watch this video on how to upload your images.


How Do I Find Content I've Uploaded When I Come Back To The Site?

When you are logged-in to iHubbub, you will see ‘Edit My Profile’ which is only visible to you, under your image. Click on this link to be taken to editing your profile, your account details and any content you upload through the ‘My Stuff’ tab.

Alternatively, you can click on the block on the right side of your profile which says 'My Content'. This shows all your content you have added recently - simply click on the links to edit or view the content.

finding content you've uploaded to iHubbub


What Is A Follow?

When you “Follow” someone it means you're connecting with that person to make friends with them. If another member ‘Follows’ you, your profile will be visible on the site to anyone visiting their page.


How To Follow?

We suggest you browse through our home page map or our members area and follow anyone who may be of help to you and your home business or vice versa.

To Follow just click the 'Follow' link and you will see your new friends in your 'Connections'.

To ‘Unfollow’ any member, just click the greyed out block under their name at anytime.

Follow other home based business owners on iHubbub's home business network

How Does It Work?

You can simply just follow them and keep an eye on what they are up to. Or you may want to drop them a line to say ‘Hi’ to another home business you find who may be ‘just up your street’. You can easily do this by hitting their 'Contact' link under their profile image and sending them an email.

Why Follow?

It may benefit your new start up home business if you find other members with similar business interests or who may be of help to you and your home business. You may also want to consider buying their freelance services or swap resources. And if a new member spots you on someone elses Friends list they may want to buy your product or service. All round ... following leads to more exposure and business networking connections for your business.



Profile and Account Settings

How To Join iHubbub

Hit the Join button, fill in your name and email to create a username and away you go. Start pinning all of your business interest or freelance services to the map!

How To Edit Your Email Address

When you're logged in, you will see ‘Account’ at the top of your profile or dashboard page. Click 'Account Information, type in a new email address and remember to ‘Save’ at the bottom of the page.

Please note: If you do change your email - you will only be able to sign in with that email from then on.

See the steps in the image below.

Edit your email address on iHubbub's home business network


How To Change Your Username

You cannot change your username, so please choose a permanent username that reflects your profile.

For example, if you are choosing a personal profile use your first name and last name with capital letters – for example Joe Black. Your URL will become

If you are aiming to brand your business, it may be best to add your business name as your username.  Whereas if you are a freelancer or self employed contractor selling your time as a service in multiple sectors, then it may be better for you to use your first name and surname as your username. In this case you are branding yourself with a portfolio of skills.

We strongly advice that members DO NOT use their email address as a username.

Spam bots crawl the internet looking for emails to spam. They find them with the @ sign or ISP brands such as @yahoo or @gmail and then they will start spamming you.

This is the very reason we have set up iHubbub with a ‘contact me’ private block so no spam bots can see or access your email. Thus they cannot find you on our site to spam you. When a member wants to make contact with you they can do so via your safe contact on iHubbub. Check out this example of how other members can contact you.

Spaces are allowed. Punctuation is not allowed except for hyphens and underscores. However, if you do decide to use a hypen or underscore be aware of how it will look to one of our visitors who could be a potential new business customer or client!

If you are choosing a business profile such as ‘Your Business Name’, your URL will become  Your username will also show other members and visitors who you are or what you do in hover-over pop ups such as the example shown below.

TOP TIPS: Best way to approach a username > put yourself in your customers shoes. How do you want them to see you on iHubbub? What will be important for them in deciding to engage with you and do business with you or contact you for your freelance services? Will they be confident to buy your product or service based on your username?

Contact us if you need to change your username and we can do it for you.

Your username is used to showcase your profile to other home business members

How To Change Or Update Your Bio

When you're signed into iHubbub and on your profile page you will see all your editable links beside the profile areas.

Here you ca:

View Public Profile: click this to see how your profile looks to other visitors or members.
'Edit' Title'


How To Change or Edit Your Social Links

When you're signed into iHubbub, you will see your Social Links block and click ‘Edit social links', [only visible to you], then edit your links when the block slides open. Add any new social links or edit them and then click Save at the bottom of the open block.

Add your social links to become more visible to iHubbub's home business community

How To Change Your Profile Picture

When you're signed into iHubbub, click ‘Edit My Profile under your image [only visible to you] and click ‘Account’.  Then browse for your image  and remember to hit Save at the bottom of the page.

 how to change your home business logo or profile image on iHubbub's home business network


Password Issues in Browsers

When you add or change your image you may find that your browser saves your password in one field and not the second security field.

If this is the case, you will need to either add the password into the second field or remove it from the first field so there is no password in either field and then hit save to change or upload your image.

All browsers are different so you may not encounter this. If you do, see the image screenshot below.

password issues in browsers


How To Change Email Notification Preferences

When you're signed into iHubbub, click ‘Edit My Profile under your image [only visible to you], then click ‘Account’.  Next, click Change Email Settings. On this page, you can choose which emails you'd like to receive and how frequently. Click Save at the bottom of the page when you're finished.

Set your notifications to receive daily digests about your home business or freelance consultancy



How To Delete Your Account

If for whatever reason, you want to delete your account, please get in touch with us as you cannot delete your own account in case you do it by mistake and lose all your content. Please be sure you us to delete your account before asking as this is an irreversible action and cannot be undone!


Other Questions


Do you share my user information with anyone?
No, never. You can see our terms and conditions or view our privacy policy.


If you're a journalist and want to write an article about our fantastic network, please check out our Press Office for a press pack that might be helpful.


If you have got any other questions and can't find an answer, please contact us here.

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