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iHubbub's Gold Membership - the best small business Publicity Club with media alerts, editorial features and even an industry expert listing.

Whilst basic membership is free, you are invited to join as a Gold Member, giving you free access to Buy, Sell and Swap in our Market Square and to Pitch Your Skills to our visitors and members – something that might be really helpful to you and/or your business.

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A Gold Membership also gives you the benefit of promoting your business to the media!

Gain all the benefits of a Silver Membership with a few additional extras for only £99.99 per annum, normally £199.00.

•    Normally £199 per year = £16.58 per month
•    Currently 50% off [half price] at £99 per year = £8.25 per month

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Your Gold Membership Includes

eBooks Free eBooks from bestselling author Paula Wynne
Featured iStore Seller   VIP Gold iStore - your items featured across all pages
Free Advertising   Your items advertised in our mass mailings to 500k SMEs
Simlar iStore Items Appear first at the top of the lists when buyers search the iStore
eShots  Gold VIP special offers are advertised in our monthly newsletter

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