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Unique Contemporary Original Studio Glass

I originally studied textile design at Harrow School of Art and began working with glass ten years ago. I see distinct parallels between textiles and glass as both can be tactile, colourful and fluid in design. The hard surface of glass lends itself to the softness of textiles and I use the same principles of surface design for both mediums.

My inspiration for my glass design has evolved over the past few years and I have explored many techniques in glass fusing to find my way in establishing my own style. I love bright, brash colour like the colourings found in artificial textile and food dyes. I keep a notebook to jot down colour combinations and ideas, visiting textile and quilt exhibitions for inspiration. I find the work of mid century designers such as Lucienne Day and Jacqueline Groag very inspiring, combined with clean lines and simplicity of Scandinavian style.

All my glass is kiln formed – this means that I cut, grind, clean and then fuse the glass in a kiln to produce items such as jewellery, glass fishes and dishes. I mainly use Bullseye glass which has the best colour range in both opal and transparent glass. I expect my glass items to endure and keep their quality. I have recently replaced my kiln with a larger capacity kiln which now enables me to make larger dishes and practical pieces.

Jo Whitehead


  • Retro platter
  • Grid platter (Bullseye glass)
  • Retro Metro dish






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