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Getting started on iHubbub is quick and easy! Check out the following simple steps to get you started with a visible web presence. iHubbub does all the hard work for you and you end up with a free optimised profile!

Feel free to get some help or advice on completing your profile.



Follow these 3 easy steps ...


Free Membership

Join as a free Member and set up your optimised profile and Build your profile. Find out all the activities included in your free membership.

Silver Membership

Upgrade as a silver member to start trading in our Marketplace or Pitch Your Skills. Develop your business.

Take a look at this link which is the silver membership and tells you what you can do:


Gold Membership

Grow your business as a gold member by learning how to get free PR and publicity through our Publicity Club. Compare memberships to see which will be most benefitial to your business. Grow your business.

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You cannot change your username, so please choose a permanent username that reflects your profile.

For example, if you are choosing a personal profile use your first name and last name with capital letters – for example Joe Black. Your URL will become

If you are choosing a business profile such as ‘Your Business Name’, your URL will become

Build your profile

1. Add yourself to our free directory giving a snapshot of your home working experience or details of your product or service.

A profile is a member’s profile and gives a full detailed view of all their content on site such as articles, directories etc. The directory is a listing where they add their business or themselves if they want other members to make contact.

2. Write up your news and keep updating frequently for maximum exposure.

3. Post your blog - if you dont have a blog on your own site, set up a profile to get a free blog on iHubbub! And then add a link to your iHubbub blog on your own website.

4. Connect with other members and engage with the home working world.

5. Join or start a group - if you can't find a group with like-minded interests why not start your own and invite your friends and colleagues?

6. Add your events or any events you think will benefit other members.

7. Check out our list of networks for offline networking in your area. And if you run a network or if you know of someone who does, add them to iHubbub so our visitors and members can pop along to your networking groups and networking events.

8. Post your articles that may be of interest to iHubbub visitors and members.

9. Shoot a quick movie and post it on your video profile in iHubbub. Give the link to your colleagues and friends to get viral views on your YouTube channel. If you know any great videos, give us a shout and we'll add them to iHubbub's video channel.

10. And last but certainly not least, please go into your dashboard and invite your business colleagues and friends to share all the activities on iHubbub. See this example of a fully complete profile. And remember your profile will be automatically optimised for search engine ranking!

Watch this video:

Profile SummaryComplete your profile to engage with iHubbub's home businesssocial network

Complete your profile to engage with iHubbub's home businesssocial network so other members can see more details about you or your business.

When you join you will be asked to use 250 characters to tell us a little about yourself or your home business.

This summary will be automaticaly populated in your Member Profile Page for other members to view. You can edit it at any time by going to 'Dashboard' > 'Edit My Account' > Profile Summary.

If you need any help, see this video on how to complete your iHubbub profile or contact us.

Develop Your Business

After you have added your free optimised profile as shown above, take a look at our Silver Membership.

  1. See if you may benefit from a Skills Pitch.
  2. Buy, sell and swap in our Market Square.


Grow your Business

By now, you'll be fizzing along with your free optimised online website on iHubbub and you may have already started developing your business. Now you can sign up to be a Gold Member and get publicity to your business and get media coverage with your press releases.

You may also want to read about how to complete your profile.

Need any more convincing to join iHubbub? No, we didn't think so!

See you around on iHubbub ...



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