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shree ganesh chemicals - Chloro Alkyl Amines - Piperazine Derivatives

Shree Ganesh Chemicals is manufacturer of pharmaceutical intermediates (API intermediates) & speciality chemicals specially Chloro Alkyl Amines - Piperazine Derivatives.

Quality Control
The quality control laboratory is equipped with necessary analytical techniques, which include GC, HPLC, TLC, atomic photo-spectrometer, Karl-Fischer instrument.The stringent quality control procedure ensures clearance of goods as promised to the customers.

Presently, the Group has established itself as a leading supplier in the Indian market for various derivatives of piperazine, ethyleneamines, methylendioxybenzene and benzylamine. A list of products will give an overview of the product range. The Group has the distinction of being the only manufacturer in India for many of the products. In the past few years, the Group succeeded in exporting half of its production to Europe and China . Any enquiries for developing processes/ products based on catalytic hydrogenation and air oxidation, N-alkylation, O-alkylation, nitrosation, low-temperature nitration, cyanoethylation or ethoxylation are accepted with great enthusiasm and confidence to deliver the products.



  • shree ganesh chemicals - Chloro Alkyl Amines - Pip
  • shree ganesh chemicals - Chloro Alkyl Amines