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About Emmaus Medical and

Emmaus Medical and Counseling's primary goal is to rehabilitate individuals who struggle with addiction. We believe this changes families, which in turn positively affects communities. We aim to support patient functionality using medicine and Counseling and offer gentle weaning for those who can come off medication altogether.

The majority of our patients are everyday hardworking people in the community who need help and guidance to live a simple life. Addiction patients struggling with this lifelong illness are often influenced by genetics, prior medical conditions, or lifestyle choices. Many have had difficult childhoods and endured dysfunctional circumstances. However, they eventually recognize their need for help and desire to feel "like other people." Most want privacy when seeking help, which factors into our clinic's location.

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Emmaus Medical and Counseling
Address: 341 Wallace Rd Suite A, Nashville, TN 37211
Phone: 615-321-1201
Email: info@emmausmedicalandrecovery.com


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