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Diamond Leisure supplies the most recent Gaming and Amusement Machine equipment including normal thing machines, pool tables, jukeboxes, test machines, boxing machines, and arcade apparatus to bars, clubs, bars, individuals clubs, snooker corridors, lodgings, bowling alleys, walk stops and motion pictures.

All rigging is open on essentially real rates on the arrangement, lease, or liberates on advantage share understanding. We are endorsed and guided by the Gambling Commission to smoothly, keep up, and fix a wide extent of gaming machines and rigging in the UK. Jewel Leisure has become the unmatched driving self-overseeing Gaming And Amusement Machine Operator in Blackpool and over the North West of England.

Acting naturally adequate and not joined to explicit providers offers us the opportunity to single out from all the most recent top-performing models from the crucial affiliations and producers over the UK. The providers we use are striking for setting the rules high with unequaled money box takings on their apparatus, Diamond Leisure essentially put resources into the best equipment, the best rigging is on occasion subtle, in any case, the best rigging dependably makes the most money.

Contact Us:

Diamond Leisure
Address: Blackpool Business Park, Unit 20, Amy Johnson Way, Blackpool, Lancashire FY4 2RF
Phone: 01253 845835
Email: info@diamondleisure.co.uk


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