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The iHubbub team is really excited to launch our magazine with a collection of healthy recipes and information, suggestions for creating the perfect home office and loads of 'How To' new business advice and help to get your business started and growing.

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Showcase Interviews

iHubbub wants to showcase your freelance consultancy or home based business start-up.

We quiz people who've already done what you're doing - people who've set up on their own, gone freelance and taken control of their own destiny.

We ask: 'What made you take the plunge into home working?', 'What words of advice would you give somebody who wants to start their own home business?', 'Describe a typical day...'
We'd like to know about your business so get in touch with us and share your business success story. 


We will send you a short questionnaire to complete to get you into our Magazine Business Showcase and from this we can submit your business success story to the media.


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And as an added benefit of being a member of iHubbub, we will help to get your Business profiled in the media.

iHubbub’s PR team will work with you to get your business story into the media and pitch it to the press in your area.  The more interesting your story is the better, as we will have additional mileage to profile your business in the regional and even national press. 

Want free publicity for your business? Get in touch with iHubbub’s PR team today to find out more.

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Health And Fitness
Let your feet do the walking and then pamper them and find articles to keep you vital and healthy to continue running your home business with success.

Without the commute to and from work, or the chance to pop into your company gym during your lunch break, it’s easy for home workers to lose sight of what’s important – their overall health.

Home workers need to keep themselves healthy to ensure they are always ready to face whatever challenges owning their home business can throw at them. That means eating a balanced, nutritious diet, getting the right mix of exercise, fresh air and relaxation.

Get back on track to mobile working vitality to ensure you’re the fittest and healthiest freelancer and home business there is!

Food And Drink
Food and drink articles and recipes because healthy eating is essential to keep up energy levels when you set up a new business.

Yum – the tastiest part of iHubbub is right here! We aim to cram your home office with recipes, inspiration and new ideas, our Food and Drink section contains everything a ravenous home worker needs to keep their energy up.

Step out of your home office and into your kitchen. Does your upcoming dinner party for your freelancing colleagues need a delectable menu? How about some quick and healthy snacks to go with your mid-morning coffee? What should a mobile worker pack to keep them going whilst they’re out and about?

Browse through our Food and Drink section and find the answers. Here’s a challenge for you, try to do it without licking your lips!

The harder you work at your home business, the more important it is for you to plan in some well-deserved leisure time.

So what do you do to break away from your home office? Have you got a hobby? Do you read voraciously in your spare time? Perhaps you put all your extra energy into planning and enjoying weekend trips or overseas holidays.

Whatever you do to rest your mobile working feet, have a look around to find inspiration to create your perfect ‘me moments’.

Business Start Ups
Does Powerpoint make you ponder? Would you like to add more wow to your new start-up website business? If there’s a skill you think would help make your home business more effective then stop off here and learn it!

Broken up into easy-to-digest chunks, our ‘How To’ guides are informative and simple to follow. You can work through them at a pace that suits you whilst you’re sitting at your home working desk.

And it’s not all work, work, work. If you want to learn how to crochet, create watercolours or plant an allotment, we can also show you how to take a break from your home office and get started. We’ll take you through everything in simple, easy-to-follow steps and give you some mini-projects to get you going.

Find all the advice you need when starting up your new home business. If you'd like to contribute your own business advice and article, please contact editor Paula Wynne.


Your Home Office

However you set up your Home Office when you start working from home or set up your home business or freelance consultancy, you need to have all the mobile working gadgets and widgets to hand with the most functional office interior.

Do you work in a weird and wonderful place? Under the stairs, on a houseboat, in a beach hut? Tell us and we'll help you get some PR for your unique home business. Find out how we may be able to help you get PR for your home office.

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