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Hangzhou Hansin New Packing Materials Co., Ltd was established in 2006, specializing in the production of medium

and large liquid flexible packaging and the provision of storage and transportation solutions. By 2020, Hansin

has been focusing on the R&D and production of liquid flexible packaging for 14 years.In 2020,our company has

become the only EU ABMA(Aseptic Bag Manufacturer Association)enterprise in Asia. In 2018, our company

participated in the formulation of the Chinese national standard for "Composite Bags for Aseptic Packaging of

Liquid Foods". According to the application needs of different customers, we provide a wealth of product

specifications, from 1 liter to 1400 liter (aseptic or non-aseptic) bag-in-box, 220l aseptic bag, IBC liner. Our

company has built a GMP 100,000-level clean workshop, with complete production equipment, from injection molding,

film extrusion, lamination, to bag making, the entire process is completely controlled by the company to ensure

the safety and controllability of food packaging materials to the greatest extent. At present, our company has

two factories in China and branches in Europe, and has directly exported packaging to 40 countries and regions