Writing A Press Release

Web owners should send out regular press releases to the media. You can learn to become an ace PR and Public Relations Ambassador to promote your website, publicize your website, special interest or small business to gain media attention and PR for your website.

A press release is ideal for Artists and Creatives, Associations, Actors and Sports Personalities, Authors and Writers, Book Clubs, Churches, New and Established Business, Career Hunters, Community Groups, Amateur Film Makers, Graduates and Students, Hobby-ists, Home Industry, Internet Entrepreneurs, Practitioners, Professionals and Freelancers, Party Plan Agents, Retailers and Tradespeople. Even people setting up a family website, in fact it’s for a whole A to Z spectrum of web owners.

What is a Press Release?

A press release is a notice or story sent to the media with the aim of attracting their interest and gaining valuable editorial space in their publication. A press release can be sent directly to your chosen media contact or through a newswire or PR Planning service. Your press release should be well-written before you submit it to the media.

Prepare a Press Release?
Before we get started on writing your press release, take a few minutes or more to think about what you want to achieve. Before you check out this Press Release Template, here are some things to consider.

Why are you trying to get news coverage? What do you hope to achieve? Do you want to increase traffic to your site at the same time as getting media attention? Do you want to sell products or your services? Do you have a big event, conference or product launch?

Who do you want to reach? Local, regional, national, specialist or global media. Know your visitors and what they read, where they hang out so you can find them through the media they read and visit.

Who do you want to reach? Who is your ideal target? Are there several different target audiences?

A B2B or B2C audience? This will determine if the language should be business and corporate or chatty for the consumer.

Is this for an event or product launch? What are the timings? How will they affect your release and news coverage? Confirm the publication’s lead times to check you don’t miss any deadlines.

Do you need any research or stats? Have you got all the correct facts to hand? Is there anything else that would or could add value to your release?

Are there any stunning shots you can include with the release. Try and always include a human angle in your releases and therefore add a head and shoulder photograph.

Press Kit
Is your press kit ready? It is always best to prepare your press kit before your release so you can get the feel for how to approach your media needs. It will also help you to focus on your message and goals.

Social Media
Don’t forget to add your social media links to all your press releases.

Clients and Visitors
Include your clients, customers and visitors when you send out releases. Send them all your news and you may be pleasantly surprised that some may lead to enquiries or even sales.

Have a look at this link which clearly gives graphic details about how a press release should be laid out: www.prweb.com/pr/press-release-tip/anatomy-of-a-pressrelease.html


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