Write A Review For iHubbub

Would you like to review books, products and travel destinations for iHubbub? In return for getting the book, product, service or travel destination at no charge, we ask that you write a review for our reviews page: http://ihubbub.com/reviews.

We can't let you know what books or products we have to review in advance - sorry, but we don't have time to go through the long list.

So we want to work with writers and reviewers who want to review for the pure pleasure of writing and reviewing and therefore getting their name out there. We are happy to give credit where it is due and of course you get to keep the products as well.

What we don't want is someone who is only doing this for the sake of getting freebie! There must be another way to do that ... but not here!

Still interested? Please complete the details below and we will send you some items to start your first review.

Why Write A Test Review?

Quite simply - we need to know you can write a worthy review! The review on iHubbub is only just to give us an idea of your writing style.

Why not let you review any book you have read or product you have purchased? By offering you a chance to review any book, we wouldn’t know if you wrote it or cribbed it from the internet. We just have to be sure that we are getting the right people in our team of reviewers. We have some hefty brands asking us to review products and services.

When we receive your application we will check your profile details and if all is well on both counts then we will get in touch with you to offer you one of the items on our growing reviews list.

Please give us your full address and postcode so we can send the products or books to you. If you do not supply your full address, your application will be redundant.

To access your writing style, wit and ability to write a review for iHubbub, please write a short review on our site. Using any area of iHubbub, give us a sample of how you would write a review for us. This is only to see how your writing may engage our visitors reading our reviews and your ability to enhance the reader experience.

If you want to go ahead please accept the conditions: I agree to write a review on the products, services or travel destinations offered to me by iHubbub in exchange for receiving the product free of charge, some may be on a temporary basis. I do not expect any payment in exchange for writing the review. I will not let down the iHubbub reviews team or devalue the iHubbub brand.