Most Popular Business Person Award

After you have entered Top 100 Home Business Awards be sure you impress our judges by showing your popularity by getting the most votes for your home based business.

It's that easy! Anyone entering any of the other home business awards can also select to enter this award. All you need to do is get voting.

One of the entrants from all the award categories will be crowned as the Most Popular Business Person!

Entry Criteria

1. Enter any of the Top 100 Home Business Awards Categories here.

2. Get votes.

Your keen networking skills, your social media savvy and your ability to pump up some votes will show any other home business owner what meaty stuff you're made off. It will also spread the news and ensure the success of our Home Business Awards.

You're an important cog in this wheel!

Give our judges all they need to choose you by doing the following:

  • The person who gets the most votes from their Facebook fans
  • Most votes from Twitter followers
  • Most votes from any social networking friends and colleagues

NOTE: This is not a stand-alone award; you must be entering one of the other Top 100 Home Business Award Categories.


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most popular business person