Best Home Based Business Team

Many businesses who are top blue chip companies or household brands started up working from their home. If you’re aiming high and have business plans to reflect where you want to take your business and how you’re going to grow to get there you’d be proud to take home this award!

Small home based business showing fast business growth due to technology aids with a remote working team that use and rely on technology to communicate and collaborate with clients and their business team should enter this award.

Your business team could be young at heart and expanding at the seams and made up of a 1 to 5 people working full or part time within your business. Or your team could be an established team bursting with an energetic team of more than 10 people doing all manner of things for your business.

Home Business Owners who are way up there with the techy nerds of the world - and proud of it - are invited to share their tech-know-how.

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Best Home Based Business Team





Entry Criteria

Give our judges all they need to choose you by showing us the following information. Please remember that these questions should not be answered in question/answer format.

Your entry stands a much better chance if you read the criteria and weave your response and reaction into each question field. The best entries are the ones that are carefully constructed, well-thought out and planned and written in a document prior to entering the awards.

You must read HOW TO ENTER THE AWARDS! Also, read our advice on how to win awards which may help you to win.

Any of the information below should be written into your application.


Bedrock: About Your Business

  • Show our visitors and judges the solid rock lying beneath you’re your business principles
  • Do you run a home based business and what is it?
  • How has your business grown and what business success can you share – this does not have to be revenue based
  • If you’re flying solo, when and how do you expect things to pop
  • How big is your team, are they new comers or have they been with you for yonks
  • How do you collaborate with confidence to run your business
  • What devices you use and how you connect them
  • How you tech-manage all your online and offline communications
  • Do you mobile technology to manage your business and team
  • What devices you use and how you connect them
  • How you tech-manage all your online and offline communications
  • Is your business freelance, contracting or a limited company
  • Day to day challenges that are overcome with on the go co-ordination or a tech-boost


Pizazz: About You

  • What pizazz do you inject into your freelancing
  • What pizazz do you inject into your business
  • What is it about you and your attitude that could win this award
  • What inspiration drives your energetic personality
  • How do you ensure a flexible approach to juggling your business requirements and working within your team? Give examples of how you do this or special stories that you'd like to share
  • What techy problems have you encountered and how did you triumph
  • Any interesting personal angle that will ensure you and your team take home this fabulous award!
  • What success stories do you have to encourage our judges to choose your entry
  • What you'll do if you are recognised as the winner of this award


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Best Home Based Business Team
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