Awards Press Release Template

Once you have entered the awards, copy this page and paste it into a document. When you have completed the details, send it over to us, via our contact page and we will check the release and work with you to help you get local press coverage.

Start your release now ...

A Great Headline Here To Catch The Reader’s Attention!

One paragraph.
Use this first paragraph to summarise your whole story in a nutshell. Make sure you entice the editor or journalist to want to read the rest. Take an overview of the rest of the story with who, what, why, where and how.

EXAMPLE: mention that you have been nominated or entered into iHubbub's Home Business Awards because ... [give a one liner about why and which category you have entered]

Two or three paragraphs.
Start your story here, making sure there is an easy transition from the first paragraph, and now start to flesh out the ideas. Use short sharp paragraphs to encapsulate your story and keep the editor reading.

Always introduce your company and concept with a synopsis of what you are doing and why, and why it will be the next best thing or make a difference in the marketplace.

If you are aiming to get recognition for your business locally, use a good local storyline. Or if you'd prefer to get specialist media attention, then use your expertise with a human angle to the story.

One paragraph.
Also make sure you use a quote in one of the paragraphs. Editors love stories about people with a human angle so bring this in and use a quote from yourself with the essence of the message you are trying to get across.

EXAMPLE: you could mention some aspects of your human story above with a statement from you. We will also add a quote.

One paragraph.
Finally, finish off your story with a great caption and again make sure you are using the core message of your release and not just waffling.

By using fun and your own warmth of personality you could get some good PR coverage! Finish your release on a positive, high note.

EXAMPLE: tie this into your human interest story above to round off your story in a lovely way.

For more information on [‘your story angle’] visit

(For find more details on [‘whatever angle my story covers’0 (don’t use these words, replace it with your story angle) at

Help Notes

All of this above should only fill one page!

Whatever you do, don’t write it like you would do an advert. If your business is consumer make it chatty and casual as this one is or if your business is B2B, ensure you write in a formal business manner.

Your press release has to stand out from the thousands that editors get sent every single day. Make it shine with your own personal slant, but be aware of your tone and ad speak. It will be dumped if it even hints of being ‘advertorial’.

Notes to the editor

At the end of your release, add this info so the editor can get in touch with you. We will also add our details so they have two shots at getting in touch!

Press enquiries:

Your name
Your landline
Your mobile

A little blurb about you and your company with links to your website. Don't overload with useless trivia, rather give a link to your online media centre or news page.