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Summer is almost here and it's going to be much hotter this time. So now the question is.. how are we going to beat this heat? It's obviously using the air conditioners. Air conditioners are a great boon for us to bear with summers. When it comes to purchasing an AC, there are a lot of things that you should be aware of. Here they are... Which AC should I buy this summer? How to use your AC this summer? How to effectively use AC to save electricity? Which are the best AC brands? Types of AC? Which is the best AC for home or office? The only solution for all these questions could be knowyourac.com. With the main goal to serve you with all sorts of AC related questions and best AC reviews, we have come up with this website. Different types of Air conditioners like Split AC, Inverter AC, Cassette AC, Window AC, Air cooler, etc has been explained in detail. We will provide you detailed information that has to be known by an individual before buying an AC. Get one best air conditioner that meets your needs and budget with the help of knowyourac.com.