Senior Analyst/ Researcher

Remote or Home Worker, United Kingdom.

Contact Sukant for:
  • Chatrts/ tables/ graphs etc
  • consumer product development / market research
  • Data Analysis (Excel/ SPSS)
  • desk research

About Sukant

I have over 11 years market intelligence, statistical and data analysis and strategy consulting experience in the field of telecoms, data centres, consumer electronics and IBMS and IT Convergence (electronic security, building automation controls, lighting controls and fire & safety). This is further strengthened by my unique mix of extensive experience in management and technology through both education and career.

Currently working as a Senior Consultant/ Analyst for Data center and Internet Infrastructure sector (CDNs, Cloud Infrastructure services etc.) projects, I specialise in the field of market and data analysis, business intelligence and strategy. My main focus is on the verticals of Telecom (Mobile/ Wireless), Enterprise Telecom infrastructure (LAN/WAN etc.), Data Centres, and IT-Convergence of systems and technologies. With complete project lifecycle management experience in consulting, I have successfully led projects on market insights, market trends and forecasts and data analysis. Furthermore, I have a proven track record in strategic consulting, focussing on market entry and future trends.

As an experienced Project Manager, I am accustomed to daily management of clients and their requirements, as well as managing my team of in-house consultants and sub-contractors. I am at ease working with both virtual and on-site teams.

A positive, proactive member and leader in team settings and driven by the desire to constantly learn, I am a keen problem solver in fast-paced environments. My keen business acumen set me to increase my company’s client portfolio by 35% over two years. Apart from business development, I also enjoy promoting and representing my company at workshops, conferences and through PR contacts.

My professional experience and know-how is further backed by my strong academic background: Having successfully graduated in Engineering (Bangalore University) and being a MBA in Corporate Strategy (University of Strathclyde) has given me the rounded knowledge base required in my work. My expertise in consulting is coupled with in-depth domain knowledge of both Telecom and IT-Convergence technologies.

As a multilingual professional with multi-national work experience and education, I speak English, Japanese, Hindi, Oriya and Bengali.

Kind regards,

Sukant Kumar Rout, BEng MBA

Mobile: 07809639453