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I am passionate about IT, I have worked in the retail, film, financial
and IT consulting industries and have 14 years experience.
I am a hardworker, a self starter, proactive and will take the initiative on any project. I chose IT as a career as it is challenging and ever changing.

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I am currently working as a Personal/Marketing Assistant for a contract sales organisation and am seeking to move to Spain in the near future. I would like to continue my marketing work remotely as I enjoy every aspect of this role. In my current role I carry out general PA duties and my marketing role consists of creating and writing articles for our monthly newsletter, updating our social media sites and blogs and using tools to record monthly statistics (i.e traffic improvements to our...

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what i do :)
so you can check my list of services i can add to your company.

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Paula Wynne is a Freelance Press Office looking for freelance projects, creative work and outsourced contracts, as well as flexible freelance jobs working remotely or working from home.

Paula has developed strategic alliances with corporate companies to enhance the client brand. Her strengths lie in perseverance, patience and tenacity and she flourishes in a fast, active environment. Being extremely organised, she is able to work to tight deadlines and enjoy lots of people contact....

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