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With a firm background in providing constant performance in environments of pressure and instant delivery, I am keen to build on these skill sets in the development of my career.

Throughout my job roles I have displayed excellent communication skills, liaising with members of the public on a frequent basis and summarising issues in written form so that necessary action can be taken.

I am extremely adept at rapidly understanding and assessing real time situations being able to...

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Craftsman Websites is looking to change how websites for small businesses are made and managed.

It’s likely that the website you have now looks dated and cheap + you have no idea how to edit it.

Craftsman Websites is designed specifically to tackle these two problems.

We offer cheap websites that look expensive, plus all of the help you need to edit it yourself.

We’re friendly and live just around the corner.

We are a small London based team that you can...

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I am a very experienced high-end brand copywriter. I've worked at leading integrated agencies in senior positions, and I've been freelancing successfully for 10 years. I'm based in Westbury, Wiltshire but my client base is nationwide as I work remotely. I've work on all kinds of products in all kinds of markets. I'm very experienced in digital and print media. Much of my work is site content and eshots, but I still enjoy crafting high brochures and creating press and radio campaigns. Please...

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what i do :)
so you can check my list of services i can add to your company.

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