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Hi I'm looking for something I can do along side my job and round my family.
Could someone please get in touch and tell me a bit more x

View profile: Christelle

I’m selfemployer and I worked for a different company. I speak Italian (native language),English and understand Spanish.
I‘m looking for a Remote job where skills, knowledge and expertise gained throughout experience to date can be applied.

View profile: wswork

I have been self employed most of my career. I ran my own IT consultancy being responsible for all aspects including marketing customer prospecting, sales presentations by phone video phone or in person, closing the sales and after sales customer and technical support.

In addition to the above I also work as a self employed distributor for Utility Warehouse promoting their range of discounted utility services including electricity, gas, telephone, broadband and mobile phones.


View profile: davidrfindlay

Kancho Creative

Kancho Creative offers graphic & interior design, our core business is identity and branding for a range of businesses from start ups, SME's to larger enterprises.

View profile: Howard Kancho

Financial, credit control, anti-fraud professional with extensive experience in handling various projects (including collection, credit management, cash-in estimates)

View profile: razvanpitutiu