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Are you looking for a Experienced Developer with 4 years experience that can create responsive websites, optimized

websites,secured websites,and also ecommerce systems? then here am I

I have built responsive ecommerse website stores business, schools and retail websites. I also optimize websites so

load faster and add security to websites.

This opportunity is an interesting opportunity for me to apply and further develop my knowledge and skill. I...

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Home Business, Online Marketing, SEM, Affiliate Marketing

View profile: anish.irap

I have work experience and qualifications in the following modalities:
Medical Herbalism
Professional Stress Consultancy
Art, design, creative photography, graphic design, web design, digital art, fractals, Photoshop, Apo7x, Word, Paintshop.
I am good at data entry, typing, filling out forms.
I am also a chef de cuisine with knowledge of all world cuisines.
I am also...

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With nearly 20 years experience of book-keeping and management accounting for small to medium size businesses, I can provide you with a personalised remote book-keeping and business accounting service, where a few hours each week, or month, is sufficent to keep your business accounts up to date.

I am a genuinely efficient and honest worker who has always taken pride in working with people to ensure that their business and the accounts aspect of their business are run totally...

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currently employed from home as a self employed tele-appointer, making calls to prospective clients, liaising, with the client, building a strong rapport, then breaking into my pitch to end or seal the appointment, been doing this now for 2 years and looking to leave as been told, they will no longer trade within 6 months, i do have experience in the field of direct sales, doing this door to door for 4 years, mainly selling to customers on a daily basis

View profile: Anthony Schofield