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When it comes to producing professional-looking videos and screencasts of your computer screen or website, Camtasia Studio very quickly proves to be a highly powerful tool. Read on to find out why iHubbub loves this product...


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CREATE A SUCCESSFUL WEBSITE is ideal for anyone who wants to create a website. It has been written for a range of different PROFESSIONAL CONSUMERS, such as artists, actors, sports personalities and even someone creating a...

Darting off to Cape Town after being invited to speak at the prestigious Cape Town Book Fair left us in a pickle – where to stay?
Ever wanted to stay in a fairytale German castle? A place filled with history and grandeur? Oh, yes, The steinburg in Wurzburg is your knight in shining armour ... err, hotel.
Kevin Duncan's Starting a Business book is part of the ‘What You Need to Know About’ series of knowhow books from Capstone Publishing.
Expat women the world over will be able to relate to Sunshine Soup; the disorientation, the frustrations and the anxiety will all be familiar, but Sunshine Soup also explores the positive side of changing countries.
When 2012 Photographer’s Market arrived the postie thumped the door with it … well not literally but it certainly sounded like it when it landed and on looking at it you can see why...