Traffic Travis

Traffic Travis

Traffic Travis ( is a one-stop-shop piece of kit. The all in one nub gives you access to fetch and find keywords, keyword suggestions, which is useful for both PPC and SEO campaigns. The search count displays a number of daily searches for specific keywords in Google, Yahoo and MSN.


Ideally placed to find popular keywords in your niche or dig up long-tail search terms that are easy to rank for.

Next you get to filter, sort and save keywords to make sense of the otherwise huge lists you can easily accumulate during your keyword research.

Try using Traffic Travis to group your keywords into topics or themes and don’t forget to make best use of this for defining Adgroups (coming up soon) for PPC or website landing page optimisation.

Optimise your website with keywords using traffic travis

Traffic Travis also shows you how you rank and where your site appears in the search engine results for every word in your keyword list.


Traffic Travis hunts through Google, Yahoo, MSN, Altavista and Ask to show you exactly where you stand.


Optimise your website with keywords using traffic travis


Their competitor analysis monitors your competitors' movements in the search engines and remembers data from previous searches, so you can see whether a website is moving up or down the search engines over time.  They have reports to view daily, weekly, or monthly, which plot changes in your rankings. These create graphs to display the data visually. Remember to use this for showing off your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Page Analysis

Page title, Pagerank, Alexa rank, Meta tags, heading tags and keyword density. All the nitty gritty ‘on-page’ factors of your website laid bare with the click of a button. Traffic Travis throws in an On-page optimization score to see how your page stacks up for a particular keyword. Traffic Travis gives you a rating based on factors that are known to boost your search rankings, including Meta tags, headings, page length, page content and more.

PPC Analyser

The larger your keyword sample list, the better your insight into your PPC market. Traffic Travis uses these words to find competitors, to see how strong your competitors are, and to spot profitable search terms that you might otherwise miss.

Optimise your website with keywords using traffic travis

With Traffic Travis you can analyze your competitors' campaigns and find sites that are advertising with your keywords. And, it show your biggest competition, as well as showing you how their ads are performing over time. You can preview their ad right inside Traffic Travis. Talk about snooping!

Heavy competition means that there's money to be made. This software shows you the keywords that are heavily advertised, as well as pointing out keywords which experience a high turnover in advertisers, thus giving you the ‘danger zones’.



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