Steinburg Castle Hotel in Germany

Steinburg Castle Hotel in Germany

Ever wanted to stay in a fairytale German castle? A place filled with history and grandeur? Oh, yes, The steinburg in Wurzburg is your knight in shining armour ... err, hotel.


After landing from Cape Town and standing on my feet at the prestigious Cape Town Book Fair for two days, Germany was going to be a quiet interlude away from our home business.

In saying that, every home business or online entrepreneur knows that this statement isn’t entirely true ‘cause you’re kinda always alert with an ear to the ground even if you’re away from it.

Ho hum, two days in Germany’s Bavarian countryside was just as relaxing except for trying to get internet connection, most of the time this was ok but we fell into a few dead spots as well.

Due to the last minute detour to Wurzburg, we didn’t have a room booked and were surprised the town was humming and thus no room at the inn signs were up all over.

We did find a reasonable enough hotel in Congress Centrum in the town square for one night but they shuffled us off after our continental breakfast.

Room rate was no comparison to our Capetonian hideaway. Our double room ended up being two singles shunted together for 130 Euros (£104). Pretty standard but functional and who can complain when the town is heaving with conference bodies taking up all the spare rooms.

Scouting around town found us an even better spot up the hill and overlooking the Wurzburg valley. The locals suggested we stay in the castle on the hill … oh, yeah, we were well up for that!

steinbury castle hotel - every home business owner's dream getaway
The Steinburg came in at 216 Euros (£173) with and a wide patio to enjoy the extensive vineyard and valley while tucking away a few glasses of vino.

An elegant old hotel rich in history and is definitely one of the most beautiful castle hotels in Germany - maybe even Europe! We intend to get around to more castle hotels so we'll let you know ...steinbury castle hotel - every home business owner's dream getaway

It was all too rushed to sleep in their rural and traditional castle rooms or their dream castle room but the standard room was perfect for a night’s slumber and a glittering night scene overlooking the valley to celebrate the castle experience.

Lovely bathroom with a deep enough bath to sink away the past few days business events.

A safe and fridge stocked with nuts, sweets and cool drinks.

Had we stayed longer we would have paddled in the indoor pool and soaked up the jacuzzi and sauna.

All important aspects for any home business owner's get-away or business trip stop-over. When you work from home this kind of luxury is a real treat - one to be sipped with relish!

A traditional meal down-town on the bridge was planned by our business colleagues so we didnt get a chance to sample or savor the dining experience the Steinburg had planned for their guests. Mores the pity.

All in all, thankfully the other lot threw us outta their stable so we found this Bavarian gem. Still very much more expensive than our Capetonian stay but who could complain with this picturesque view.

steinbury castle hotel - every home business owner's dream getaway

Surround-sound views with fantastic accommodation with internet access (paid for - but we used our own), an excellent night’s sleep and a huge big breakfast completed our all-too-quick stay.

As Arnie said “I’ll be back!

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“Feeling like we were in King Arthur’s castle, The Steinburg is perfect to ease business aches and revive your passion for life!”



Price: 6
Value: 7
User Friendly: 8