Place on the Bay Cape Town

Place on the Bay Cape Town

Darting off to Cape Town after being invited to speak at the prestigious Cape Town Book Fair left us in a pickle – where to stay?


Hunting around last minute sites we stumbled upon Places on the Bay which looked luxurious with a gorgeous view at an affordable price. Click, click, click, pack the bags and lift off.

Landing in Cape Town to speak at the Cape Town Book Fair the South African winter had been a worry when we were struggling for some English sun, but very quickly forgotten as the Antipodeon winter was far warmer than our summer! Who would believe the UK was just passing mid-summer’s day … err moving on.

The Place on the Bay looked everything we had hoped for from the outside so we trundled in with the luggage and found a pleasant enough reception.

place on the bay - your perfect south african business trip hotel

We had almost booked another B&B room up the road and then found that the The Place on the Bay Hotel  offers serviced hotel rooms and apartments (about 21 in all). All are elegantly furnished en suite rooms with a full kitchen or kitchenette, bouquet satellite television, air-conditioning and sleeper couches in most units.

Pity we didn’t know about (or could afford) the luxurious and exclusive five-star penthouse with its own private swimming pool and sundeck! Next time we’re going for this option - see the view from the penthouse suite balcony below.

place on the bay penthouse suite - your perfect south african business trip hotel

The room wasn’t the right one we booked so there was a bit of shuffling around to get our sea view and balcony as promised on booking so we spent one night in a standard room which was good enough except that we hankered after the balcony view for romantic nightcaps.

And when we did get our balcony (albeit much smaller than the penthouse edition) we revelled in it and had breakfast (our own) out there as well as midnight glasses of wine.

The last night in Cape Town before flying off to a meeting in Germany we sat out in the warmth of the sea breeze until about 2am relaxing and enjoying the sound of the waves crashing onto the shore. That same sound serenaded us to sleep at night, although some would say the crashing could be quite thunderous. Nevertheless, it wasn’t home and the usual English village night sounds so slept soundly.

place on the bay - your perfect south african business trip hotel

The apartments enabled us to get online and thus the odd hour of online connection with our business ...

... as well as easy access to the town centre, glorious Capetonian beaches, Table Mountain (a fascinating absolute must for new visitors to Cape Town and old timers) and the Camps Bay promenade for entertainment and nightlife only a two minute walk from our studio apartment.

For the low season rates of only £38 per night we were thrilled with the value Place on the Bay gave us.

Breakfast can be included if you want but we wanted to veg on our balcony and munch rather than in a breakfast room. You decide what is best for you but with all the facilities of a studio apartment, you can’t go wrong with this excellent value.

Sad to leave the stunning Cape coast behind we had to hop on a plane after the Cape Town Book Fair ended.
place on the bay - your perfect south african business trip hotel
Our trip was filled with fun, family, lots of eating out in fabulous restaurants such as Bardellis in Kloof Nek and Kenilworth and Kelvin Grove as well as meeting a lively bunch of authors and writers and business start-ups at the Book Fair.

And when we arrived in Germany a day later we were even more sorry to have left South Africa.

Not for the weather as Germany was also warmer than the UK, but we then realised the huge value South African holiday and business accommodation has to offer.

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